WATCH: Trump Hilariously Goes After Democrats for Being Terrified of AOC in NRCC Speech

Love or hate Trump, the dude is just freaking funny. He riffs like a stand-up comedian in front of these crowds and he does it well. While he’s no doubt triggering to many liberals, to normal people, this is grade A entertainment.


The President recently sent the media and Democrats to their pearl clutching closets with a speech he gave to the NRCC. In it he hits the left on all sorts of issues, but I want to focus on one hilarious segment about AOC and the Democratic leadership’s response to her.

(clip is 1:28 seconds)

LOL…It’s funny because it’s true.

Calling her a bartender is apparently off limits, as many blue check mark journalists are furiously tweeting his remarks with their typical scowling presentation. You know, I don’t remember the media getting upset when Trump’s detractors would call him a failed business man. Odd.

I’ve pointed out a few times how terrified the Democratic leadership are of AOC. It’s actually kind of pathetic how they tip-toe around her and desperately try to the toe a line that won’t infuriate a base that sees her as a revolutionary figure. It doesn’t matter that she’s likely leading their party into ruin, with her favorables somewhere around CNN’s latest ratings. The vocal minority of the Democratic party wants socialism and crazed climate policy so they fold to AOC’s every demand.


She’s the new defacto leader of the party. The moment the Green New Deal was announced, she had every major 2020 nominee endorse it like it was a right of passage. When McConnell called her bluff and put it up for a vote, she claims she ordered everyone to vote present and in response not a single Democrat voted yes.

Trump hitting them on these grounds is perfect because it sets up a no-win response. What are they going to do, deny they are scared of her and denounce her influence? Of course not. Her crazy base would riot.

Was this planned? I doubt it. Trump is just this good at trolling.

Meanwhile, Democrats get to live with the monster they’ve created. Bernie Sanders is in the middle of a take down of Joe Biden. AOC is running things in Congress. The socialist take over is nearly complete. We’ll see how far that gets them in 2020.


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