Rep. Adam Schiff Accuses Robert Mueller of Incompetence in Nonsensical Tweet Rant

This guy has zero shame.

After we found out last night that there was no evidence of Trump, nor any of his associates, colluding with the Russians, Rep. Adam Schiff decided he needed to go on Twitter and reassure his followers. Not content with slinking into the background after being found to be a liar over and over on the question of collusion, he’s now essentially saying that Robert Mueller is incompetent and just didn’t the connect the dots only he can see.


I’m old enough to remember when those of us who were skeptical of all this were told Mueller would be the final word by people like Schiff. We just needed to wait for the conclusions they said. Well, so much for that.

This is idiotic. Mueller may or may not have included the line about exoneration to stir the pot, but what we know for certain is that it was never his job to prove anyone’s innocence in the first place. That’s not what a prosecutor does. Schiff knows this but he’s playing word games to keep his resistance base engaged. Mueller found insufficient evidence to determine that Trump obstructed justice. That is a fact. There is no actual middle ground. You either have evidence to prove obstruction or you don’t. If it’s the latter, the question is closed from a legal standpoint.

As to asking for the entire report, it’s a red herring. The DOJ can not legally release grand jury testimony and that’s going to make up a huge portion of the report. It also can not release findings that slander people who were ultimately not charged. Demanding the impossible and then proclaiming a cover-up when you don’t get it is nothing but a weak political game.


In the second tweet, Schiff makes a claim that completely contradicts the Mueller report. That is that the Trump campaign accepted an offer of help from Russia. This is objectively false. He’s obviously citing the Trump Tower meeting and misconstruing what happened. There was no “Russian offer” of assistance at that meeting nor was it accepted. The Russian lawyers were under contract by Fusion GPS at the time and it was completely ambiguous as to who they were actually working for. There was no indication that Donald Trump Jr. thought it was an actual attempt by the Russian government to offer him assistance. In the end, he did not accept any help from them and it went nowhere.

What Schiff is really doing here is trying to set up his own ridiculous investigation by insinuating that Mueller was just too dumb to see the collusion right in front of his face. It’s a backhanded compliment to say he trusts Mueller’s judgment when he clearly doesn’t. The idea that Robert Mueller, with unlimited resources, wasn’t able to find collusion but Schiff will if he can just see the raw data is laughable. No, what Schiff wants to do is to cherry pick a few things out of the investigative material and then use it to push his own fresh conspiracy theories.

Schiff is a liar, a partisan, and a disgrace to the Congress. He has no business leading any kind of investigation into questions of collusion after spending two years falsely claiming he had significant evidence of such. The fact that he still has a daily hit on CNN, as if he’s a neutral arbiter, only further disgraces our national discourse.


Narrator: He’s not going to move on.


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