CNN Outright Lies About James Madison and the Electoral College

Apples, bananas, and facts first. This is CNN and all that.

They’ve never met a liberal narrative they weren’t willing to shamelessly shill for, often to the point of outright lying. Yesterday was no different, as the battle over the electoral college has heated up in the Democratic primary. For CNN’s part, they decided to do this.


There’s just one problem with this hottest of hot takes. It’s objectively false.

Madison was essentially saying the opposite of what CNN claims. The word evil here is not emotionally nefarious but meant to denote practical issues that could arise. Given that, what Madison is referring to is the possibility of corruption within the certification of the Presidential election by the House. As a matter of the electoral college, Madison supported it, proven by his later amendment to appropriate the electoral college via district instead of the state level (in other words, even further from the Federal government).

What he didn’t want were one or two Representatives from a state ignoring the votes of the citizenry in the certification process. He goes on to observe that the “evil” or possible corruption is already at it’s maximum and will be lessened as states gain in population, something that has clearly already happened.


By the way, if CNN is now a fan of Madison, maybe they should read the Federalist Papers and get back to us.

Log this as yet another example of CNN simply being a wing of the Democratic party at this point. No one should be naive enough to think they are coming up with this stuff on their own. There are newsletters and listservs that go out every day with these DNC talking points. They do so knowing that CNN and others will dutifully repeat it.

Remember that the next time someone clutches their pearls over the term “fake news.”


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