AOC Screams Racism, Falsely Claims Fox News Hosts Are Calling Her Cortez

Another day, another cry of victimhood from the perpetually aggrieved Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. I mean, nothing says oppression like a vapid bartender becoming a Congressional member overnight. This country is awful, right?


The latest comes from her Twitter feed, because where else?

She provides no examples of Hannity, Ingraham, or Carlson doing this. So is it true? Of course, it’s not.

Tom Elliot did a word search of the transcripts and gives us the facts.

Not once.

The only example is a single guest who wasn’t even trying to use her name in a proper form. The Fox News primetime hosts may be partisans, but they aren’t racists. What likely happened here is that AOC saw this claim from some random poster and she ran with it because she knows her fans will eat it up.

In reality, there is only one person who’s obsessed with AOC’s race.


Objectively, nothing about Ocasio-Cortez’s race has held her back. In fact, if she weren’t Latino and a mildly attractive female, there’s no chance she’d have won her primary against the sitting incumbent given the circumstances. She also would not be garnering the constant media coverage she gets and benefits from.

Victimhood culture in 2019 is an odd phenomenon. When you are literally having to make up instances of oppression, perhaps you aren’t quite the victim you think you are. More and more, these instances resemble spoiled partisans complaining of first world problems instead of actual cases of prejudice.

There’s also the fact that the name Ocasio is equally Hispanic, so none of this makes any sense anyway.


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