Gillibrand: Let's Give Amnesty to All Illegals and Put Them on Social Security

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s current popularity is just below a root canal in the Democratic primary but that isn’t going to stop her from continuing to flail around to gain attention.


Her latest attempt to gin up her non-existent base comes in a riveting speech she gave from the top of a chair, because Democrats just can’t stop standing on things not meant to be stood on.

(18-second clip below)

My word, she’s charismatic. I have no idea why she’s polling at 0% in Iowa. She also gave what I’m told is a white supremacist hand gesture at 0:07, but let’s not get distracted.

In the video, she says illegals “must have the right” to pay into social security (and logically take money out of it) and have a pathway to citizenship. This isn’t exactly earth-shattering for a Democrat but it’s still an incredibly dumb idea.

If you give amnesty to all illegals and immediately integrate them into the social security system, it’s going to crash what’s already a Ponzi scheme teetering on the edge overnight. Social security is completely unsustainable over the next several years, but allowing millions of illegals to began to take out of the system while the vast majority are poorer and barely contributing will just exacerbate the situation. Just like other government handout programs, illegal immigrants would overwhelmingly cost more than they pay in.


There’s a reason the Nordic welfare states have strict immigration systems. They recognize that you can’t keep adding takers to the roll and maintain the financial stability of the system. In the end, they are only stalling the coming collapse but at least they see the issue.

2020 Democrats simply don’t care about unintended consequences. They’ll say or do anything to garner attention. No policy is extreme or stupid enough to not clutch hold of as long as it makes a few headlines. Add this latest episode to the long list of reasons why these people can not be allowed to retake power in 2020.


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