Lesson Learned: The DNC Will Hold Its 2020 Convention in Wisconsin

Hillary Clinton hardest hit.

It seems like someone at the DNC figured out you need to actually campaign in Wisconsin to win the Presidency. The decision has been made to hold their national convention in Milwaukee for the 2020 cycle.


This is actually a smart move. Wisconsin is key for Donald Trump’s electoral chances. Are there other paths to victory for him? Yes, but if he can take Ohio, Florida, and Wisconsin again, things get much easier. Trump will have an uphill battle in Pennsylvania and Michigan, but will likely do well in Florida and Ohio. That makes Wisconsin one of the most important battlegrounds in 2020.

How much does holding a convention somewhere swing the vote in a state? I’m skeptical it matters much at all, especially given they happen months before the election but it certainly can’t hurt their chances. Recent electoral defeats in Wisconsin are going to make it tougher on Trump if his blue-collar appeal doesn’t overwhelmingly resonate again. Scott Walker’s election machine played a key role in the President winning the state in 2016.


Despite the challenges, having the Democratic party endorse anti-Semitism as they descend further into madness will play into Trump’s hands. I suspect their full embrace of socialism won’t play well in the Midwest either. It’s going to be interesting.


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