CNN's Jim Acosta Becomes a Mouthpiece for Democrats as He Defends Anti-Semitism

Today, the White House had their first press briefing in 42 days. How we survived this long without self-righteous, biased media figures grilling Sarah Sanders, I’m not sure, but here we are. Enter the most famous agitator of the press corps, CNN’s Jim Acosta, who has never met a mirror he didn’t love. In typical fashion he had to get his camera time in today and did so via his normal dishonest questioning. Not only that, he decided it was his job as an “objective reporter” to go to bat for Democrats and defend their response to recent anti-Semitic remarks by Ilhan Omar.


This exchange was in response to Acosta asking whether Trump’s rhetoric needs to be turned down. Given that Trump has been fairly quiet the past several months, it was clear he was referring to Trump’s slamming of Democrats over their infanticide vote and calling them the “anti-Jewish” party. He confirmed that by assuring us that the latter statement is patently untrue and that Democrats don’t hate Jewish people.

Well, glad you got that corrected Jim. One might ask the question why Jim Acosta thinks he can speak for Democrats and why he’s more worried about Trump holding their feet to the fire than actual antisemitism. Has he shown anywhere close to this level of indignation and defensiveness toward Ilhan Omar, who is actually the guilty party here? Of course he hasn’t. As Redstate Senior Editor Joe Cunningham put it on twitter, this is not journalism.

On this same topic, a PBS “journalist” live tweeted the presser and wants you all to know that that the Democrats did condemn Ilhan Omar and anti-Semitism. Fact check: False.


As I’ve covered the last few days, CNN is a joke of a network and the greater mainstream media are rarely better. Jim Acosta is not a journalist, he’s an activist and we’d all be better off if they’d just stop this charade. If I were Sarah Sanders, I wouldn’t even bother with another press briefing.


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