Valiant Media Rushes to Twitter-Tattle on Troops for Getting Trump's Autograph

It’s less than week before New Years, but we’ve finally done it. We’ve reached peak 2018.

Over the past 48 hours or so, several different media pieces came out berating the President for not visiting the troops at Christmas. Little did they know, Trump had already planned to do just that, making a surprise visit to Iraq.


Some even printed their stories after the visit happened.

Ms. Timmons tried to play it off as an honest mistake in a followup tweet, but perhaps the bigger lesson should be to not rush out every piece of anti-Trump garbage before you even confirm he isn’t doing exactly what you accuse him of not doing?

Just a thought.

Not content with admitting fault and just letting this non-story die, the media found a new angle to attack Trump (and American troops) from. This time is was the carnal sin of some soldiers having their MAGA hats signed by the President.


This narrative lasted a few hours, with several dozen blue-check morons letting us know how illegal this all was. Later, The Hill reported that the hats were indeed owned by the soldiers already and that the President didn’t in fact bring them. There were no campaign law violations. Just a President, not currently running for re-election, signing stuff when requested.

Much to the left’s disappointment, Trump won’t be headed to prison for the crime of providing soldiers in Iraq with tacky red hats. We can all sleep easy tonight.

It didn’t end there though. With all the previous narratives busted, they needed a new one. The next step? Tattle on troops who had MAGA hats and a Trump flag and accuse them of violating DoD Directives on political activity.

CNN (because of course) led the way with this report.


Followed by others…

Suddenly, every know-nothing twitter dweller who’s never done a push-up in their life became an expert on military discipline…

Of course, the truth is much more nuanced. There is no election right now. The President is not currently filed as a candidate for anything nor are there any filed opponents. Whether there is even any violation here at all is not certain.

In fact, former President Obama signed autographs of himself on the cover of TIME while visiting troops. Michelle Obama did the same with magazine covers of herself. Not once did CNN rush to let us know how it might violate DoD guidelines. No brave firefighter journalists ran to Twitter to let us know of potential illegality by the President.

Why? Because it’s an incredibly petty and small thing to do. These troops are spending Christmas away from their families (some were at the stopover in Germany). Taking pictures of them and then running to throw them to the twitter mob is the height of ass-hatery. To be sure, the responses to some of the above tweets are viscous and awful enough that I’m not going to post them here. There are people demanding these soldiers be thrown in jail, calling them traitors, and other crap you’d expect for the cesspool that is anti-Trump Twitter.


Is it any wonder no one outside of the beltway can stand the media and it’s members? How shallow must your life be to think going after soldiers on Christmas over this was a worthy endeavor?

With any luck, SMOD will finally make it’s appearance in 2019 and stop this madness.


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