Yesterday was Tough, but it Needed to Happen

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Before yesterday’s hearing, I was on record as being against it. I didn’t think Republicans would handle it properly and that it would only bolster Ford’s evidence free accusation. I did not think it was in Judge Kavanaugh’s personality to get angry and fight back at the level that Clarence Thomas did in 1991.


I was wrong.

The questioning by the prosecutor of Ford was only helpful in that it kept Republicans off the cable news soundbites. Had it ended there, he’d of been finished. Republicans came back and let her start questioning Kavanaugh and it was pretty much a dud. Had that continued, he’d of been finished.

But, that’s when things shifted. That’s when Lindsey Graham said enough.

They stopped Mrs. Mitchell (who clearly was supposed to go the distance but was wrapped up early) and the GOP Senators finally, finally did what needed to be done. They were willing to call an audible to pull victory from the fire. The backbone that had been missing for so many years burst out of their backs in righteous anger at the circus that was before them.

The media will say their anger indicts them. I say it vindicates them.

When Judge Kavanaugh laid into Democrats for their handling of this situation, their grotesque partisanship, and told them that they “would reap the whirlwind” they sowed, the reality that close followers of the beltway already knew was finally laid bare for every American to see.

No amount of media filtering will be able to hide what happened. Sen. Graham is known for his bi-partisanship and good will to his colleagues. Over the years he’s just as likely to have been found working with Democrats on amnesty as he would be writing a tax reform law. That bi-partisan history is exactly why he was the voice the country needed to hear. He had the credibility to do what he did. Had it been Ted Cruz, it would of been meaningless. The fact that it was Graham underscored just how disgusting this whole process had gotten and it was impossible to ignore him.


If even someone as collegial as Graham couldn’t hold his tongue anymore, it was a sign to every person watching that this was real. It was raw. It was the truth of a dire situation.

While the media rushed to turn it into a racial issue by asserting that their outbursts were just “old white men” privilege, I firmly believe that a majority of Americans saw it differently. They aren’t stupid.

Prof. Ford went out there and fumbled around. She couldn’t answer basic questions. She claimed to be an expert on human memory but then claimed (multiple times) to not understand basic phrases such as “on your behalf.” She couldn’t remember when she hired counsel. She lied about her fear of flying. She could give no date, time, place, how she got there, or how she got home in relation to her testimony. Every piece of evidence was against her.

Contrary to many opinions I’m reading, I do no think appearing scared makes you look credible. Her awkwardness and emotion could of just as easily been fear of lying in front of the cameras as it was proof she was telling the truth. In the end, facts must outweigh emotion and every fact was on Judge Kavanaugh’s side.

That scene juxtaposed with Kavanaugh’s fiery response of his innocence and the Republican indignation at the process gave a clear picture to every fair minded citizen of this country. Until then, this was a game. It was a game being played by heartless partisans, ready to destroy a man’s life based on absolutely nothing. A man called evil and proclaimed to bring death to millions of people by actual elected Democratic Senators. Why? Because he might (and might is probably too strong of a word) overturn Roe v. Wade. Yet, after Kavanaugh’s opening hearing, it was no longer a game. It was a real fight for the soul of this country.


Was yesterday embarrassing? You bet it was. Was it a tragedy? In the sense that we got to that point, absolutely.

Did it need to happen? You bet it did.

This was a tipping point. Every insanity of the left was laid bare yesterday. Further insanity will ensue after Kavanaugh’s likely confirmation. Yet, because of yesterday, the American people get to make a choice with all the evidence on the table. I have faith they won’t reward such illiberal nonsense. That’s why yesterday was ultimately a good thing. That’s why it needed to happen.


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