Unbelievable: This CNN "Debate" is Everything that is Wrong with our Politics

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SMOD, where are you?

In one of the most disgusting, immature displays I’ve scene on cable news (and that’s saying something), someone named Angela Rye got heated with Trump campaign advisor Gina Loudon in an exchange over diversity in the administration.


Because of course that’s what CNN wants to talk about.

Former Trump advisor Gina Loudon started out with a very respectful statement, citing that about 1/3 of those working in the White House are minorities. The entire time, you can see Rye smirking, turning her head, and rolling her eyes.

Rye, for reasons unknown given Loudon’s civil tone, then launched into a combative, shouting response where she claimed she felt like it was “1865” and proclaimed “my black life matters” when challenged on her misrepresentation of Loudon’s comments.

She finished with saying “no one wants to go work for a racist” and maligned the idea that Ben Carson counts as a minority in the administration.

Bad enough right? Oh,nit get’s worse. Mrs. Loudon then attempts to give a normal, calm response, as she did the entire back and forth.

“Angela, I understand your feelings on this,” Loudon said.

“No, you don’t,” Rye shot back.

“I have an adopted minority son — yes, I do — who happens to have Down Syndrome,” Loudon replied as Rye rolled her eyes and refused to look at the camera. “He experiences bigotry every single day in a myriad of ways, not just because of his skin color but also because of his disability.”

Loudon insisted she would not support a president who she believes to be a threat to her son’s future and called for a “constructive conversation” with Rye.


This is where you really need to watch the video. Upon mentioning her minority son with Down Syndrome, Rye threw her head to the side, made a spitting sound, and rolled her eyes so far back in her head that I thought she was gonna fall over.

Then it just gets downright disgusting.

“America has never been great, and it’s not great because people like you come on and lie for the president of the United States and then tout, bring out your son as an example. Like, you gotta be completely ashamed of yourself,” Rye declared.

Yes, that’s a women, Gina Loudon, being told she should be ashamed of herself for “touting” her minority, disabled son while proclaiming that America has never been great.

Angela Rye, who admittedly I’ve never heard of, is nothing but a privileged, race hustler. This is the best CNN can get to offer a counter point of view?

Pretending that she’s oppressed to the level that she displays here, while rolling her eyes at and maligning a women for having a minority, disabled child, is exactly what’s wrong with our debates in this country.

Instead of being civil, talking facts, and having a decent discussion, Rye spends her time mouthing race-baiting talking points, disrespecting Loudon, and shouting at the other side.

I’ll also note that CNN’s Erin Burnett sat there like a stump on a log the entire time. She never asked Rye to calm down, to stop name calling, nor did she correct her ridiculous response to Loudon citing her child. If it were Loudon being so insanely combative and disrespectful to Rye, do you think maybe Burnett would of interjected to help moderate? Of course she would of.


This is CNN. A complete, dumpster fire of a network that will let a panelist do that to another panelist without even so much as a redirect simply because one panelist doesn’t toe the Democrat, race-baiting party line.

And just take a guess how the media at large covered this insanity…





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