RFK Jr. Offers Wild Deal to Biden: 'Whomever Is Least Likely to Beat Donald Trump Will Withdraw'

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Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on Dr. Phil’s show Wednesday and made an unexpected offer:

We will co-fund a poll together, the two of us in October, and whomever is least likely to beat Donald Trump will withdraw.


He will not be heard on the debate stage Thursday night, but his views will be aired beforehand:

The nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and the son of former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, who is still in the race as a third-party candidate despite losing to Biden in the Democrat primary, admitted he doesn’t expect the detached president to respond, but insisted his aim is not to be a “spoiler”:

Kennedy has consistently cited a Zogby Analysis poll that shows Trump beating Biden if he's in or in a two-way race, while RFK Jr. would defeat the Republican or Biden head-to-head. 

The independent has his doubts about whether Biden would accept the deal, which he says is still on the table, and claims it proves he's not trying to throw the election.

'Do I expect that he will take that deal? No, but I'm not a spoiler. A spoiler is somebody who cannot win and they stay in and disrupt the expectations of somebody who can,' Kennedy clarified.

He’s been adamant that excluding him from the process is not the American way:


Kennedy also spoke about the recent arrival of Russian warships in Cuba

Kennedy covered a wide range of topics on Dr. Phil Primetime, including what he believes he's learned from his presidential uncle in times of crisis.

He mentioned specifically JFK's handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the nearly two-week confrontation between America and the Soviets over nuclear missiles deployed near Cuba.

Dr. Phil brought it up as many believe tensions between the US and Russia are at their worst since the crisis, with some lawmakers believe Biden is 'sleepwalking' America into a repeat

'I'd do the same thing my uncle did. My father had gone to the Justice Department and negotiated a deal.' 


Kennedy worries that Biden and Co. could be leading us toward global conflict:

He worried that Biden's plan with NATO could get America 'closer to a nuclear war than at any time in history since 1962.'

'It's all just like it was during World War I, it's people in office sleepwalking us into a conflict that we should have nothing to do with.'

RFK Jr. is an enigma and has espoused beliefs from both sides of the political aisle, and he is clearly not the answer that conservatives are looking for. That being said, should he be kept off the debate stage, even as he has gained the support of a notable portion of the electorate? Could he be the difference in this year’s all-important battle? He may not be the antidote to the Biden Plague that has transformed America, but he is nevertheless an interesting voice indeed.


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