Gavin Newsom Predictably Tries to Cash in on KC Super Bowl Parade Shooting, 'Please Contribute $20 Today'

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Far left-wing progressive Governor Gavin Newsom has driven his home state of California into the ground, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from telling other states what to do or weighing in on national issues when he should be asking for forgiveness in a church somewhere.


Instead, he’s sending out fundraising emails regarding the Kansas City Superbowl shooting, which left dozens injured and one dead, ludicrously arguing that our nation’s gun laws and the Supreme Court paved the way for this tragic incident to happen.

“Look at this,” he wrote in an email I received Saturday from the “Paid For By Campaign For Democracy Pac,” whatever the hell that is, but signed by Newsom. Included was the awful video we’ve all seen of the insane carnage carried out by gunners who alarmingly have still not been identified despite the fact that they are apparently in custody.


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Newsom’s pitch for more dollars continued:

This is the moment shots rang out at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl celebration just a few days ago. [Video.]

More than twenty people were injured. Almost a dozen of them were between the ages of 6 and 15. A local radio host, dead. 

What are we doing here? 

This is insanity.

The shooting happened in the presence of more than 800 law enforcement officials — "good guys with guns." 

Maybe, just maybe, it would be easier to make sure people who shouldn't have guns aren't able to buy them? 


Does the governor really think that these perps went through the normal legal procedures to obtain their weapons? That they went to a regulated store, filled out the proper forms, did their due diligence, and were lawfully issued firearms? 

But it’s the Supreme Court and Donald Trump who are really at fault here:

And let me remind you, it was not long ago, the Supreme Court overturned a 100-year old law in New York allowing almost anyone to carry a concealed firearm in public places outside their homes. 

And it's not just the Supreme Court. Right-wing judges appointed by George Bush and Donald Trump are overturning commonsense gun safety laws proven to save lives. 

Criminals like these could give a whit about “commonsense gun laws” and the Supreme Court. They will get their weapons, no matter how many 2nd Amendment-undermining laws are passed in blue states. The fact is, you have to treat criminals as criminals, which our “defund the police” and soft-on-crime district attorneys have consistently been refusing to do.

Oh, but we need a Constitutional Amendment that will solve everything, according to Newsom and his ilk: 

This is why we need a Constitutional Amendment to make our communities safer from gun violence. Because if Congress won't act, and if the courts refuse to let states like California pass commonsense gun laws, then we need to amend the Constitution. 

Gavin Newsom 

Here in the lawless state of California, our leader thinks that taking weapons away from regular citizens is the answer to the plague of violent crime that has overtaken our nation -- when nothing could be further from the truth. None of these laws or proposed constitutional amendments would have done a thing to stop these crazies from shooting up a parade. It’s a hundred to one odds that they bypassed the system altogether and got their guns illegally. 


As our Jeff Charles has reported, if only law enforcement would listen when people call attention to dangerous zealots – perhaps that might be a better way to approach the problem. Keeping our violent offenders behind bars might just be an answer, too; call me crazy. 

But as usual, Newsom wants to punish those who cherish the law instead of those who defy it. 

Perhaps that’s one more reason why hundreds of thousands of CA residents are escaping for the exits in the Golden State.

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