Pelosi Kneecaps Kamala, Refuses to Say Harris Is the Right Person for the VP Job

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gives lukewarm endorsement of VP Kamala Harris. (Credit: CNN)

Although the Democrats in this country seem hell-bent on destroying this country, ending the nuclear family, and chucking every basic traditional value out the window, there’s one thing we can usually agree is their strongpoint—their loyalty to each other. Their unity. While Republicans seem to splinter off into various clans and end up fighting each other as much as they battle the leftists, the Democrats manage to consistently put on a remarkably united front.


Which is why it’s extremely surprising to see former Speaker of the House and current Representative Nancy Pelosi sell her fellow California power player down the river. Asked twice pointedly Wednesday by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper whether she thought Vice President Kamala Harris was right for the job as President Biden’s #2, Pelosi gave the lukewarm (if not chilly) endorsement, “He [Biden] thinks so. And that’s what matters." 

Nice. Way to have her back, Nance.

You sure don't need enemies if you have Nancy Pelosi in your corner. 

As she sucked on her lips in that weird habit she has, the former speaker basically told Cooper that the office of the vice president is useless:

COOPER: Do you think she is the best running mate?

PELOSI: [Not answering the question:] She's the vice president of the United States. Now people say to me, well, why isn't she doing this or that. I said because she's the vice president. That's the job description. 

[Grins like a Cheshire cat.] You don't do that much. Mm-hmm, you know, you, you know?


What a ringing endorsement of her fellow breaker of the glass ceiling. Meanwhile, Pelosi the Principled recently announced her own campaign for her 20th consecutive House term—she’s been in office since Ronald Reagan was president—and revealed that she doesn’t exactly have a grand vision for the country; she just wants to stop Trump and raise oodles of cash.

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The odd thing about Pelosi’s statement is that vice presidents have in fact taken on a larger role in modern administrations. Bill Clinton’s VP Al Gore was tasked with cutting government waste, a job he did decently before he became a climate zealot, and Joe Biden himself was given numerous assignments by his boss, former President Barack Obama. Among other things, Biden played a big role in our policy toward Ukraine—a role which ironically has come back to haunt him as serious allegations of corruption continue to be leveled against the president and his son Hunter.

Harris has actually been handed numerous plum assignments—the only problem is that she’s just failed miserably at them all. In March 2021, Biden tapped her to be in charge of the border crisis, and as we all know, that disastrous human catastrophe continues unabated, and yet you almost never hear the VP mention it, much less do anything about it. 


It's not that the job is bad, it's that she sucks at it.

I know that, and you know that, but I still can’t fathom why Pelosi would offer such a weak endorsement of her own fellow Democrat. What's her game here? She had to know that it would make national news that she would be unwilling to say that Kamala is the best choice for Biden’s vice president. As the 16th-century political theorist Machiavelli theorized, people are “quick to change their nature when they imagine they can improve their lot.” With that devious little heavily lipsticked smile, Pelosi undercut the VP in true Machiavellian style—but the question remains, why?

My best explanation is that she’s hoping she can get Harris pushed to the side, and it can become the Joe and Nancy "Polident Ticket":




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