Fox Producer Tells O'Keefe Media That Tucker Carlson Was Fired as Part of Dominion Deal

James O’Keefe, who famously left his investigative journalism venture Project Veritas and went on to start O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), dropped a stunning video Monday night in which a Fox News producer claims that top-rated host Tucker Carlson was jettisoned from the network as part of the settlement deal with Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion had sued the news channel for $1.6 billion, claiming that the outlet defamed the company by airing claims that its voting systems were rigged.


As in most of O’Keefe’s videos, the discussions are recorded by undercover journalists and feature people who are unaware that their words could come back to haunt them. Sometimes these people are drinking, or they’re flirting, or they’re boasting—or all three. It’s therefore hard to know if all their information is credible. That being said, O’Keefe’s efforts have produced startling results in the past.

Here are some of the dramatic claims the producer told the undercover reporter in what appears to be a coffee shop and then later in what appears to be a bar. We start with O’Keefe’s intro:

O’KEEFE: OMG News has obtained incendiary footage of a Fox News producer talking about Tucker Carlson’s departure, the Dominion settlement, and the influence that advertisers and pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have over the embattled network.

FOX PRODUCER SEAN LANGILLE: They gave them [Dominion] money. They say it wasn’t part of it. But we’re learning that, Tucker getting fired was part of that.

UNDERCOVER REPORTER: Tucker getting fired was part of the Dominion lawsuit? Well, so did Tucker leave or did you guys part ways or Tucker was ousted?

LANGILLE: Yeah, he was ousted. Well, he brought up things that cost the company a lot of money…That, that was part of it. He was going to go after this whole thing about January 6 was… It was an inside job. He went after this guy Ray Epps, he said he was an FBI agent on the inside…. And basically encouraged it. He was going to go on the air and refute what that guy said on 60 Minutes.

And the Murdochs were like, not too happy about it.


Watch the seven-minute video here:

That’s already enough bombshell information for one day. But Langille had even more to say, describing the power that Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Wall Street play in shaping the news we receive:

LANGILLE: The other thing with Tucker that is interesting is everyone’s afraid we are losing so many viewers and money. I’m like well actually, there’s a bunch of advertisers that said we’re not going to advertise that 8 o’clock hour.

So now that he’s gone, they’re starting to come back…

It’s Big Pharma. Which is crazy because we would do all the stuff about COVID vaccines—and we’re getting money from Pfizer…

Big Pharma, Big Tech.

Langille later tried to deny that he said those words, telling O’Keefe on a phone call, “I think you’re putting words in my mouth.” Of course, O’Keefe has the full recording, so that doesn’t work.

The undercover reporter then says that investing giants Blackrock and Vanguard—both strong proponents of ESG—basically tell news organizations what they can and cannot say because they “own everybody.” Langille simply replies, “Yeah.” Then:


LANGILLE: When it’s corporate media, you’re beholden to advertisers.

Yeah, it’s across the board kind of like that, where you don’t want to piss off advertisers.

But wait, there’s more! Langille then goes on to claim that former “Press Secretary to First Lady and Special Assistant to the President” Michael LaRosa left the administration to work for a PR company whose main client is… Dominion Voting Systems.

This is his old Twitter account, according to OMG:

Michael LaRosa’s old Twitter account, according to James O’Keefe. (Credit: Michael LaRosa/Twitter)

LANGILLE: He left the White House to literally go take down the news outlet that was being unfavorable to his boss.

[Speaking from a different location, he added:]…he’s the one who’s crafting Dominion’s message to the public… But no one’s picking up on the fact that here’s someone who… worked in the administration… working with a voting company to take down Fox News…

That’s a whole story in and of itself.

It certainly is, if true. I have no reason to doubt OMG’s reporting, as they’ve been solid in the past, but we don’t know the motivations of Langille or whether he’s in a position to know the information he claims he does. However, if what he says is true, it’s pretty bombshell stuff and reminds us of the pernicious forces that tell us what we can and cannot be informed about. It also shows us once again why we must maintain a healthy skepticism of our nation’s news outlets—even Fox News.


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