Triggered Tapper: CNN Anchor Has a Conniption Over Trump Town Hall

Wednesday was an interesting night in Washington, D.C. as former President Donald Trump appeared at a town hall hosted by the network that hates him, CNN. Here are the stories so far as reported by RedState:


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But something interesting happened after the event as well—liberal rage and anger erupted over the fact that Trump came out and was well, Trumpian. CNN anchor Jake Tapper was not surprisingly part of the outrage mob and during his analysis of the proceedings, he looked at various points like he was going to cry, explode or just start throwing things. His voice went up an octave in disgust at the end of many of his sentences.

As RedState’s Sister Toldjah reported, Tapper seems to be having even more difficulty than usual these days hiding his ideological leanings, adopting his holier-than-thou tone as he leaned into Sen. Dick Durbin on Sunday, basically demanding that the Illinois Democrat call for Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s resignation over health problems. As Toldjah wrote, Tapper looked “more like a newly-minted intern for Planned Parenthood and the AOC wing of the Democratic party rather than a neutral media figure who was just seeking answers.”


Tapper’s supercilious attitude was on full display Wednesday night as he could barely control his breath during an exchange with Anderson Cooper.

Watch the outrage:

“Hello, from Washington. And it was an interesting night—Mr. Trump’s first lie was told just seconds into the night with his false familiar claim that the 2020 election was, quote, a rigged election,” Tapper sniffed.

Although many of Trump’s claims have been about voting machines and other irregularities, many of which have never been proven, it’s the height of condescension to say that it’s a lie to question the 2020 election when news has been coming out daily showing how the CIA was directly involved in spiking the Hunter Biden laptop story—and giving Joe Biden talking points before a critical debate. That is blatant governmental interference in the outcome of a presidential election—I think it’s fair to call that rigging the system. Trump also called out the Twitter Files, which proved the government colluded with Big Tech to shape the opinion of the electorate.

But Tapper kept venting:

And the falsehoods kept coming fast and furious, about the January 6 insurrection, about the threat to Vice President Pence, about Pence’s ability to overturn the election, about COVID, about the economy, and more. He called a black law enforcement officer a thug.


What does the officer’s race have to do with this? He was an armed officer of the law, and he shot an unarmed woman, killing her. It seems like Tapper is trying to somehow imply that Trump is racist for questioning this action because the officer is black, but that’s clearly a preposterous and below-the-belt argument. Back in 2021, Nick Arama wrote about Jonathan Turley’s concerns about the officer, who once left his gun in a bathroom at the Capitol. His lack of discipline is more relevant than his race.

Tapper continued his outrage theater, ginning up more racial animus by targeting Trump’s mention of Chinatown and being upset about his use of the term “nasty woman,” but you get the idea. Anderson Cooper jumped in too, slightly more measured and composed—although he spent the entire segment looking like he smelled rotten eggs.

“We don’t have enough time to fact-check every lie he told,” an indignant Tapper said as he turned it over to his panel of six guests.

Full disclosure: I turned it off at this point. Their musings are predictable; rather than talking about the many, many valid points Trump made on immigration, the debt, fossil fuels, Ukaraine, etcetera, they will simply say “liar, liar” over and over as if that solves the nation’s problems.


Perhaps Jake is so miffed because it was his own network that gave the former president this platform—and that the live audience loved Trump. As my colleague Nick Arama put it,  “He cleaned CNN’s clock” and made them look “silly.”  The one thing Jake Tapper did not look like was an impartial journalist seriously discussing an extremely important upcoming election. But, “this is CNN.”


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