New Details, Identity of Gunman Revealed in Moultrie, Georgia Shootings

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As RedState’s streiff reported earlier, four people including the gunman are dead after a series of shootings Thursday in Moultrie, Georgia. The shooter killed his mother and grandmother in two separate homes, then went to the local McDonald’s and killed one of the female workers before killing himself.


Moultrie is a city of around 15,000 people in a rural area of Colquitt County, approximately 60 miles northeast of Tallahassee, Florida.

The Associated Press revealed new details about the tragedy Thursday night, including the identity of the man who killed the women, Kentavious White:

Security video from a McDonald’s in Moultrie showed 26-year-old Kentavious White shoot the store manager after getting her to come to the door Thursday morning, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said. The footage then showed White step inside the restaurant and shoot himself.

Police found the manager, identified as 41-year-old Amia Smith, and White both dead when they arrived, the GBI said in a news release Thursday evening. They also found two women related to White had been shot at neighboring homes less than 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) away. Both women died — one after being taken to a hospital, the GBI said.


All three of the women had been shot multiple times, Colquitt County Coroner C. Verlyn Brock said. “I can’t for the life of me figure out what provoked him in that way,” she added.

In addition to Amia Smith, the other women slain were the shooter’s 50-year-old mother and 74-year-old grandmother whose names have not been released at this time. Moultrie resident Tanner Strickland mourned their passing:

“Both them were two of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of being around,” Strickland told WALB-TV. “They both light up any room that they walk into. Both of them really have hearts of gold.”

Sabrina Holweger, who works at an optometrist’s office next to the McDonald’s, said that Amia Smith was the early morning manager at the McDonald’s and that the shooter worked there. She added that it appeared that White shot Smith as she let him in for the early-morning shift. She also described the terrifying moment she and a co-worker arrived at work that morning at 8 AM: “It was really just scary not knowing if they had shot themselves,” Holweger said.


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will lead the investigation going forward, reports Fox3 Now:

GBI Special Agent in Charge Jamy Steinberg stated in an email that they were gathering more information and attempting to locate additional witnesses. However, Steinberg did not immediately respond to requests for further information via phone and email.

RedState will update you if there are new developments in this tragic story.


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