Former Indiana Coach Hysterically Mocks Kamala's Cringe Basketball Speech

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He’s a former player, an assistant coach, a one-time interim head coach for the Indiana University Hoosiers, a former head coach at Bowling Green State University, and now a radio host for OutKick.


His name is Dan Dakich, and he is one outspoken and funny man. Both those attributes are increasingly rare in the world of today’s sports journalism, where often the scores and gameplay are buried beneath constant social justice messaging.

Dakich went on Tucker Carlson’s show with guest host Will Cain Friday night to pillory Vice President Kamala Harris’ pep talk to her alma mater’s team, the Howard University Bison, after they’d just suffered a devastating and lopsided loss. As our Nick Arama reported, the speech was “full-on cringe.”

Dakich agreed, yukking it up with Cain:

Alright, look, we all know that Kamala Harris is a God-awful public speaker. In fact, I always think she’s high on something, I swear to God. But, I gotta tell you, that’s a tough speech, Will, that is a tough speech if you’re a coach. I’m trying to be fair here. That’s a tough speech. If you’re a celebrity, you come in, you’re asked to speak to a bunch of kids that just lost by 28 points.

You know what they want to do, they want to get out of there, but I got to tell you, she’s the worst public speaker I think ever in politics. I almost want to take Joe Biden out of it.

Dakich could barely contain his laughter as he spoke. Watch Kamala’s pep talk and you’ll know why:



She talks to people like they’re in kindergarten. She loves her own jokes. I would be sitting there going man, come on. But I will say this. I thought the Howard kids showed class. I thought they were fantastic. I thought they sat there. They were respectful and I did like at the end that she invited the Howard team to come to the White House. I did think that was cool.

But man, oh man, that’s a bad speaker. How is that a vice president speaking like that?

I’m unable to find the Tucker Carlson Tonight video online, but lucky for you Dakich made similar points on his radio show. Skip past Kamala’s speech to get to Dakich’s punchlines:

“Can you imagine sitting in there? Listening to that idiot?” he says in the clip above. “We are all dumber for having to listen to that… ‘Camilla.’ I apologize to my listeners—right?”


Dakich might want to consider dropping his sports career to become a comedian. Will Cain had some pretty funny lines too:

She speaks to everyone like they’re in second grade or in kindergarten, and you have to wonder what she’s waiting on. It’s like an applause line that she got on Colbert, or an applause line she got during a vice presidential debate that she now thinks is coming at every moment.

And it’s always unearned. It’s missing.

The reason their mockery of Kamala Harris is so funny is that sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh at something, otherwise, you’d cry.

When you watch the child-like Vice President of the United States constantly spew out gibberish and talk to people as if they’re infants, you can’t help but be concerned about the direction of this country—especially since she’s one heartbeat away from the presidency.

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