For Anyone Who Has Spent Time With the Cognitively Impaired, Watching Biden and Fetterman Is Heart-Wrenching

If you live long enough, you’re bound to see it—someone you love comes down with a degenerative cognitive disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia. Or maybe they’re stricken with a physical killer—pancreatic cancer, lung disease, a heart disorder. At first, you and your family or friends rally around, vow that as a team you will defeat this thing, and you fight. You support your loved one in every way possible, emotionally, physically—financially if you’re able.

By the grace of God, many times people do defeat these scourges; I know folks who have survived breast cancer, prostate cancer, quadruple bypass surgery. Unfortunately, with diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, you’re usually not so lucky. The best you can do is slow those down; there is no cure. You only hope that the next time you see Mom, Dad, BFF, whoever it may be, that they’ll mostly be the same person you saw the other day.

But that’s not always the case. I’ve been there. You witness the physical and mental decline; you watch the person you love wither away before your eyes. Sometimes, at the end, you still see the person you knew inside the shell; other times their mind’s been ravaged, too, and the emaciated person lying in the bed might not even remember who you are. Sometimes they might even lash out at you.

In the end, death comes as a relief to all, including the afflicted. It’s a heart-wrenching thing to live through, and I hope you never have to.

While I’m not speculating that either Joe Biden or John Fetterman has a degenerative brain disease, it does not take a doctor to recognize that they are both severely compromised. Not only do they both move strangely in an almost robotic fashion, but they both routinely lose their train of thought and speak incomprehensible gibberish.

Biden, leader of the free world, appeared to go into a mini fugue state during a television interview last week (in one of a long series of such incidents), while Fetterman put on a disjointed, faltering debate performance against his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Tuesday night that made viewers physically cringe.

Writes RedState’s Bonchie:

That debate was the worst, most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in politics.

It was that bad, and if you didn’t watch it, you can’t possibly understand just how bad it was. I mean that sincerely. If you are only reading quotes or watching clips, you will never grasp the full scale of the disaster that unfolded.

I have rarely disagreed on politics and the direction of the nation as much I disagree with today’s Democrat Party, and by extension two of its proponents, Fetterman and Biden. The policies they espouse are ripping apart the nation—soft-on-crime, war on oil, profligate spending, demonizing MAGA opponents, trans fanaticism, you name it, they back it and it’s bad for the country.

But that’s not why I think neither should be anywhere near an office where they have the power to make decisions that affect other people’s lives. It’s because they are both deeply impaired, and barely able to function in everyday society, much less tackle world issues.

Those subjects have been much discussed, at RedState and other outlets. My point here today is that the families and handlers of these two politicians are cruel. They should be protecting their betrothed and monitoring their health away from the trials and stresses of elected office.

Instead, both Jill Biden and Gisele Fetterman seem more concerned about making sure they’re the wives of powerful men than making sure Joe and John are safe and enjoying what could be the waning years of life for one or both of them.

When you are close to someone who is suffering from mental decline, the last thing you would ever think of is to prop them up and run interference so you could get them back out on the campaign trail. Yet there are repeated examples of the wives doing just that, to the point where many are saying the quiet part out loud, which is: Am I voting for the candidate or his wife?

You can’t help but get the feeling the two men are being used, by handlers, by aides, by their own parties, by their own families. Everybody wants a piece, and if you have to shove bumbling Joe out in front of the audience or force John to suffer through a debate, something is very wrong with you. Watching Fetterman Tuesday night, you literally wondered if he would make it through to the end, he looked so damaged.

Sometimes their conditions can actually be humorous and easy to poke fun at, especially when you’re riled up about their latest idiot ideas to let murderers loose. There’s a game on local radio, “What Did He Just Say?” They play some incomprehensible gobbledegook that Joe spat out that day, and you have to guess what he just muttered. The game is extremely difficult, because who knows what the heck he’s saying? You could easily play a similar game with the utterings of Fetterman.

I have never in my lifetime seen two politicians so incredibly unfit for higher office. I don’t feel sorry for them—it’s their narcissistic decision to keep running when they know what a mess they actually are that makes them so unsympathetic. They must know at some level that they’ve sold out everything for that one last lunge at glory.

Fetterman has little kids, for Christ’s sake. Tuesday night I really wasn’t sure he’d make it home to them.

His kids might do better with a father who works on getting better rather than one who is used by their mother to get to Capitol Hill. Maybe one or both men will recover. But don’t tell me they’re fine now, because they’re not.

It’s the depravity of those around them that’s so shocking. It’s cruel, and it’s abusive. Jill Biden and Gisele Fetterman, and all those slick handlers—you should be ashamed of yourselves.


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