And Now for Some Spooky Fun: Hysterical Halloween Costume Memes Take Over Twitter

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New Twitter boss Elon Musk walked into the social media giant’s headquarters Wednesday carrying a sink, tweeting: “Entering Twitter HQ—let that sink in!” Could this portend new, funnier times at the blue bird?


Comedy already seems to be the order of the day in the Twitterverse, as memes depicting imagined costumes are popping up all over the place. Many will make you laugh out loud. Although users have contributed outfits spanning a wide variety of subjects—musicians, social media influencers, celebrities, and more—the funniest are actually the conservative-themed ones. Here’s one of my favorites:

Not to be forgotten, President Biden’s wife Jill also got the treatment. Nick Arama has discussed her fashion disasters before here at RedState; this creator brings them to life:

You might remember I wrote about the impossibly-shaped Canadian woodshop teacher who somehow doesn’t get caught in the heavy machinery. This could be you on Halloween!

And let’s not forget our favorite conspiracy theorists, the Jan. 6 Committee. If you’ve always wanted to be Adam Kinzinger, now’s your chance. I think this costume should come with a little tin-foil hat though:


There’s plenty more, including a slightly NSFW meme of Hunter Biden. Hint: there’s not actually that much in the way of clothing. And don’t miss the Lib of Tok, complete with nosering, piercings, and a personality disorder, or the graduate student costume which comes with an overflowing backpack and coffee, but no self-esteem, will to live, or diploma. There are also a few that are, shall we say, not family-friendly. That doesn’t mean they’re not funny though.

Silly costume humor might seem inconsequential, but mockery is one effective way to expose some of the lunacy around us. We are living in strange times in America, and making fun of those in power is one way to fight back. That’s one reason you will almost never see Saturday Night Live or a late-night talk show make fun of a Democrat—they know they will reveal that the emperor has no clothes once we laugh. Meanwhile, they routinely bash conservatives and Republicans, because they’re safe targets.

I say, keep these memes coming. As 1984 author George Orwell wrote, “every joke is a tiny revolution.”


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