Biologically-Male School Teacher With Enormous Prosthetic Breasts Causes Outrage

A biologically-male Canadian teacher who has taken to wearing enormous, gravity-defying fake prosthetic breasts in the classroom has spurred outrage after videos surfaced of the educator sporting his assets in front of children. The teacher is literally “enlisting children in his sexual fantasies,” as Tucker Carlson charged. Doubtless, outrage will soon pour in against those who were outraged – “it’s transphobic to point out that this is seriously weird!” will be the common cry.


After Tucker Carlson featured the misshapen instructor on consecutive nights on his Fox News show, the issue has come to the forefront, and students and parents joined a protest estimated at about 100 people outside Oakville Trafalgar High School on Friday, two days after the school board entered a motion to consider altering the dress code. Possibly eye-popping fake boobs with dangerous-looking protruding nipples might be removed from the list of acceptable garb.

“This is a school, not a circus,” one student said. “We just want to learn.”

The school, located about 25 miles west of Toronto, rather than worrying about protecting its kids, was quick to instead support the teacher’s right to “self-expression.” How about, do self-expression on your own time, but keep your sexual fantasies away from the kids? This would seem like a rational, time-honored convention, but not in today’s world. According to the board:


“The HDSB [Halton District School Board] recognizes the rights of students, staff, parents/guardians and community members to equitable treatment without discrimination based upon gender identity and gender expression,” the board said in a statement. “Gender identity and gender expression are protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code.”

At the Wednesday meeting, though, the HDSB appeared to belatedly realize they had a problem on their hands as the embarrassing story spread across Canada and the United States. Trustee Tracey Ehl Harrison put forward a motion that “the director be requested to return to the board, by November 2022, a report addressing the various considerations regarding dress code.” It was approved unanimously.

The dress code already prohibits visible nipples or genitalia, so why is the teacher, now identified as Kayla Lemieux, allowed to instruct kids while flashing prominently protruding nipples that look like weapons? Does the code apply to students but not teachers? This isn’t about discrimination, it’s about standards. It doesn’t matter how you identify sexually; at school, you should put your parts away.


At the meeting, HDSB director of education Curtis Ennis said the board is obligated to protect the educator:

As staff we are guided by numerous legislation and also fundamentally by the privacy and confidentiality of each of our 10,000 employees. While I understand the desire for information by the public, we will not and cannot publicly discuss any matter that identifies our staff directly or indirectly. I trust the public will understand the parameters that guide us.

That’s all great. Question: who’s protecting the kids? 

I’m surprised the usual suspects haven’t yet come out of the woodwork to claim that anyone questioning this obvious sexualization of the school environment is “transphobic” and a “hater.” Maybe they’re not because even the staunchest trans-rights supporter can’t find a way to defend this depravity. One can espouse a live-and-let-live policy—wear a dress if you want to, don disturbingly large mammaries if that’s your thing—but still believe it doesn’t belong in the classroom. This is a blatant example of sexualizing kids, and the next time they tell you it’s not happening, point to this story.

I want to know: where were the parents? Where was the board? Why did it take Tucker Carlson and his audience of 3 million to bring this out into the open? This never should have been allowed to happen in the first place, and the people who let it happen should be ashamed.



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