Gascon Tweets After Recall Effort Shot Down, Shows He Learned Nothing

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Earlier Monday we bought you the story of Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean Logan nullifying almost a quarter of the signatures on a petition to recall District Attorney George Gascon. The move effectively means that the issue most likely will not make it to the November ballot, although supporters of the petition intend to inspect the signatures as they are legally allowed to do and challenge the Registrar’s decision.


Following his “win,” Gascon issued a tweet showing that he had learned nothing from the recall effort and would keep pushing his terrible policies on the suffering population of Los Angeles:

The tone-deaf missive comes after the registrar threw out almost 200,000 signatures for the petition for a variety of reasons, many of which are questionable since Logan wouldn’t allow any monitors to observe the count, apparently in violation of California election law. Turns out, Logan has a complicated history.

What’s so obnoxious about Gascon’s response is the total lack of interest he shows in taking a look in the mirror and asking himself why hundreds of thousands of his constituents were unhappy enough with his woke politics to sign a recall petition. No, instead he lashes out at those voters, calling the entire exercise an “attempted political power grab.” It was not about power—people felt unsafe, angry, and wanted change. It’s only the behind-closed-doors signature shenanigans that will likely prevent residents from voting on the issue in November.

He also writes in the tweet, “My primary focus has been & will always be keeping us safe & creating a more equitable for all.” Translation: I’m gonna keep on doing what I’ve been doing and you’re going to like it.”  Problem is, his policies have been anything but about “keeping us safe.”


I could go look for my thesaurus, but I don’t have to. Three words immediately come to mind. The tweet is smug, it’s vindictive, and it’s pompous. For all the reasons we at RedState feel that Gascon is worse than incompetent, he’s dangerous, read our extended coverage of his malfeasance here.

The Recall DA George Gascon Campaign issued a statement of their own Monday indicating they intend to examine those signatures and possibly challenge their rejection legally:

The statement reads:

While the initial results are surprising and disappointing, the Recall Committee intends to exercise its full statutory and legal authority to review the rejected signatures and verification process that took place, and will ultimately seek to ensure no voter was disenfranchised.
Nonetheless, according to the Registrar-Recorder, over half a million residents placed valid signatures on a petition to initiate the recall of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon. To deprive them of the opportunity to restore public safety in their own communities is heartbreaking. And to interpret this in any other way other than a wholesale rejection of Gascon’s dangerous polices would be disingenuous, or naive at best.  The over half a million signatures are in addition to 37 cities voting no confidence in the District Attorney, and over 98% of Gascon’s own prosecutors supporting the recall.
The removal of George Gascon from office has never been a matter of if, but when.  The citizens of Los Angeles cannot afford another two years of Gascon unleashing havoc on their streets – people’s lives are at stake.
We can only hope that their efforts are successful because the city is turning into a war zone under Gascon. This latest tweet seems like a slap to the face of the residents of Los Angeles.


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