Desperate Dems Preparing to Weaponize Abortion Issue to Save Midterms

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Although the Supreme Court is still keeping us waiting on its abortion decision, Democrats are already deep in battle planning mode in the likely event that the landmark abortion case Roe v Wade is overturned. As we’ve reported, a leaked opinion by Justice Samuel Alito seemed to indicate in no uncertain terms that Roe would soon be repealed.


Democrats, facing a possible electoral slaughter this November in the midterm elections, think that abortion could be their winning issue. From Politico:

“We’re not going to be able to keep it in the national news, but we’re going to put a lot of money on paid advertising — on TV, on digital ads, on mail, on radio — and in key places across the country, and that’s how this issue will matter,” said Stephanie Schriock, former president of EMILY’s List, a Democratic pro-abortion-rights group. “And in some states, it will be in the news every day, because state legislatures are going to push this issue further and further to the right with outright bans.”

They better hope it’s their winning issue because they simply have nothing else to run on, considering that the economy is in shambles, the president is the most unpopular in U.S. history, the never-ending border crisis rages on, supply chain and travel problems abound, and our president can’t even ride a bike.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is ready to pounce “in the minutes after the decision is announced,” planning briefings, training, and fund-raising efforts. Meanwhile, abortion rights groups EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood and NARAL have already announced $150 million in spending for the elections. More via Politico:


“We will be using every tool in the toolbox to tell this story,” said Heather Williams, executive director at the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. “We know that Roe is not the only issue [in the midterms], but Roe is a motivator … and we definitely see that voters who may be only presidential-year voters — that Roe falling certainly gives them additional motivation and urgency.”

Graphic content warning: Prepare to see lots of fanatics like these in the coming days:

Fanatics aside, Democratic pollster Josh Ulibarri is smart enough to see the reality that even Americans who support abortion realize there are other issues affecting their lives:

I don’t think it wins us the persuasion fight, given everything else the public is facing, from inflation to rising costs to supply chain problems.

The decision will help motivate our base. I see no data, no focus group, no survey where Republicans win on the abortion fight. We win it handily. But is that more powerful than when a voter looks at their receipt when they check out at Target?


That almost sounds as if it came out of the mouth of a Republican strategist.

As ghoulish as abortion supporters can be, and as frenzied as they can be in support of their cause, I don’t think it’s enough to change the reality that the Democrats are in for a wipeout in November; the polling numbers are simply too bad.  As my colleague Nick Arama writes:

You know Democrats are going to throw all kinds of dirt against the wall to try to win. But it’s clear people are tired of the nonsense, tired of the Democrats, tired of Joe Biden, tired of inflation and the tsunami is on the way.

Democratic Nebraska state Sen. Megan Hunt sees the writing on the wall, telling Politico: “Democrats can’t rely on one issue or one problem to change people’s minds.” She’s right—they’ll need a heck of a lot more than the abortion issue to avoid the red wave coming their way.


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