Report That a Meeting Is Going On, Including lawyers, re: Roll Call Petition

There is a report that there is a meeting going on, including constitutional lawyers, about the convention chair ignoring a petition, with more than the required number for a roll call vote.
Eleven states had signed to get a roll call vote: MN, IA, WA, CO, DC, ND, AK, VA, UT ME, WY. Only 7 were needed, under the rules. Yet the chair ignored that and passed the rules changes, that included language concerning binding the delegates.
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During the early session, After the chair had ignored the petition Mike Lee was seen on camera, in the midst of a loud protest from the delegates. Mike Lee said: “Delegates from 11 states submitted a petition for a roll call vote.” Those calling for unity need to remember they’ll need these people as the engine for their nominee.” The chair is vacant. People asking Mike Lee to take the chair; he says he has no right. “There’s no precedent for this. We’re in uncharted territory; I’ve never seen the chair abandoned.”

The Chair returned; held yet another voice vote—again, completely ignoring the petition for a roll call vote. Again, he called “the ayes have it.”

 It was reported that the IA, WY and CO delegations walked out in protest.