Water Cooler 2/2/2018 – Open Thread – Pro-Life Conversions

I’m in the middle of one of the three-day weekends each year I volunteer for Special Olympics Texas. It is loads of fun and puts me in the mood to touch on a few pro-life issues.


One conversion
Yesterday new front pager Mike Ford wrote about Norma “Roe” McCorvey’s conversion, so I don’t need to repeat it. Maybe because I live in Texas I’ve heard her story before.

And another
Dr Bernard Nathanson co-founded NARAL and helped abortion take root in the US. He performed tens of thousands of abortions. After ultrasound machines came out, he realized what a horror abortions really are. He wrote The Hand of God about his conversion.

And still another
I mentioned Abby Johnson in one of my first watercoolers. She lives in the town next door and I’ve met her once or twice. Her story is remarkable. She started out as a college student volunteering to help at an abortion clinic and worked her way up to head a PP facility.

One day she was asked to help with an ultrasound abortion. She saw the baby trying to avoid the instrument of death and it changed her life. Now she helps abortion clinic workers leave the industry.

One of the books she wrote is Unplanned. It has been made into a movie that will be coming out soon. Here’s the trailer for it.

Oh and by the way
The evil hate-filled right-wing Knights of Columbus organization I belong to started a program a decade ago to provide half the cost of an ultrasound machine when a local Council works with a pro-life clinic to raise the other half. Recently the 1000th ultrasound machine was delivered through this program.

Welcome to RedState’s only daily open thread! Enjoy!


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