Water Cooler 4/21/2018 – Open Thread – Mueller, Standing Rock, Morrissey

  • Three articles that caught my eye this week. The first two are quite long, but dig in if one catches your eye.


Streiff posted an article yesterday about how Comey’s briefing of Trump on “the dossier” was likely a setup. It cited a Mollie Hemingway piece at The Federalist. The day before, she had another great piece reminding us about Mueller’s many failings and abuses as FBI Director. (My apologies if someone else covered that one and I missed it.) Summary:

  • Anthrax attack – Ruin an innocent man; murderer of five people is free.
  • Sandy Berger – Let a guilty man go with barely a slap on the wrist.
  • Scooter Libby – This debacle has had plenty of coverage since the pardon.
  • Ted Stevens – FBI throws out trumped-up charges just before an election.
  • Phantom Israaeli spy ring – 3-1/2 years of wasted effort.
  • Incompetent supervision – Destruction of Arthur Andersen by an underling.

Standing Rock

I came across this interesting story about how some liberals raised and at best wasted or at worst made a killing off of the oil pipeline protests. There were two sets of victims: the donors and a bunch of veterans who looked to join the protests. One of the early players was Wesley Clark Jr. It’s typical of how some liberals always manage to cash in on protests.


If you don’t recognize the name, he was the lead singer of the well-known ’80s band The Smiths from Manchester England. He’s a flaming insufferable liberal (“Meat is Murder” was their second album for example) who in solo shows often lectures the audience about his pet liberal cause du jour. It came as an interesting surprise to see him completely go off on the London mayor, liberals, and political correctness. (Note: the video at the link is for a different interview.)

Morrissey was the face of The Smiths and wrote the lyrics, but they wouldn’t have been as popular without their great guitarist Johnny Marr, who was only 20 when they started out, writing the music. If you’re a Smiths fan, you may enjoy this look back.

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