Water Cooler 4/7/2018 – Open Thread – Police shootings; Middle East terrorists

In doing these WCs, I’ve tended to flip back and forth between personal stories and pointing out a few news articles I saved over the course of the previous few days. This one falls in the latter category. I set aside two pairs of articles that I hope you enjoy.

How quickly did this officer-involved shooting in NYC fall off the radar?

Not long after the recent Sacramento shooting of an unarmed black guy by cops, there was another one in New York City. A perfect setup. Mentally disturbed unarmed black guy who wouldn’t hurt a flea is gunned down by cops. Yet another murder for the BLM folks. Lots of coverage on CNN, etc. There were some obligatory protests by people with nothing better to do, but you didn’t see much mainstream coverage did you? Could this be why? Gee, that sucks when you have a case where cops shooting an unarmed black guy is justified right?

Now pair that with this story from California

After the Sacramento shooting mentioned above, some California liberals (oops I repeat myself) have proposed what might as well be called the “Keep Cops From Ever Discharging Their Weapons Act”. Or perhaps the “Let’s Make Cop-hating Lawyers Very Rich Act”. This has to be one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever seen. Imagine the Brooklyn case above under this act. The cops would all get fried under it right?

No wonder people in Gaza are so desperately poor

If you thought the terrorists in Gaza were spending all the money that should be going to the residents there on tunnels and paying off terrorists’ families you’d be wrong. Did you know they also have a navy? Well sort of. The IDF uncovered a plot to use fishing vessels and missiles in a creative manner to put it mildly. It’s pathetic that Hamas and its friends have spent bundles trying to kill Israelis while their own people suffer terribly.

Remember how we bombed oil fields to cut off ISIS funds?

This fascinating NY Times article is very long but well worth reading. It talks about the good and the bad of when ISIS took over towns. There was lots more bad than good obviously, but they learned how to make bureaucracy work and how to make sure they got a cut of the action at every step along the way. They confiscated property from non-Sunnis and made a profit off that too. According to this article, ISIS was making six times the income from these sorts of activities as they were from selling oil. Would you have ever believed that possible? There are lots more interesting details there and I don’t want to give it short shrift just pointing out a couple of things. Check it out!

Welcome to RedState’s only daily open thread. Feel free to share interesting stories that caught your eye this week, comment on the ones I posted, or talk about anything you’d like!

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