Water Cooler 3/17/2018 – Open Thread – St Patrick's Day Edition

I originally didn’t have a St Patrick’s Day theme in mind, but lest I be accused of a clickbait title I’ll go for a (mostly) Irish theme.

St Patrick


Here is encyclopedic info about St Patrick. Pirates, slavery, druids, pagans, guardian angels, …. How has his life not been made into a movie?

McCabe – What’s in a name?

All the talk today is on McCabe of course. McCabe has to be a Scottish name right? Well not so fast! If it was O’Cabe it would definitely be Irish, but McCabe or MacCabe could be Irish.

Ireland is about to start the slippery abortion slope slide

In May 2015, Ireland made same-sex marriage legal based on a voter referendum that threw out the constitutional ban on it. One of the articles there foreshadowed what we will see in May 2018: dropping Ireland’s severe abortion restrictions. The May dates are not coincidental – they want liberal college student votes before they leave for summer vacations. Sad.

Those stupid student marches last week

Hey I said it would be mostly an Irish theme…. You will probably be hearing this weekend – when the news isn’t about poor Mr McCabe – that some Arkansas students were beaten by schoolmasters for exercising their supposed right to participate in the march. Gee that’s terrible! Except that when you read the details, it sounds like a stunt by the students and their parents.


They were given a choice for walking out: two days of suspension or two licks – that method of corporal punishment is permitted with parental approval. All of them opted for the licks – and now, to no one’s surprise, they are whining that we should all be shocked – SHOCKED! – that their peaceful actions to prevent violence were dealt with by having violence inflicted on them. Oh the horror! These kids must worship clock boy given their efforts to invent a new type of victimhood. Pathetic.

Your turn

What are your thoughts on this St Patrick’s day other than…
green beer


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