The Ludicrous Invention of Kwanzaa by a Violent Crook Named Ron Karenga

Credit: Kamala Harris YouTube channel screenshot

The next time you see an exaggerated, plumped-up, tongue-bath segment on CNN or MSNBC talking up Kwanzaa as a “holiday” that Black Americans, Kamala Harris, and White champagne Liberals just love, remember … it’s all a lot of hooey.


Even Fox News has recently joined the club of Liberal lunatic, corporate media on this issue. Discriminating Conservative minds should now beware of the sneaky agenda at this fence-sitting media outlet — even without Shepard Smith and Communist sympathizer Chris Wallace.

There’ve been copious articles exposing this fraud written over the years, like one by Erick Erickson in 2013 and this one in 2008 by Warner Todd Huston destroying that there’s any truth about Kwanzaa. And that’s only in RedState.

In 2016, Ann Coulter completely dismantled Kwanzaa as an FBI effort to use Ron Karenga (or whatever his alias was at that point) as a pawn to destroy militant Black America. Even the Black Panthers were after him for killing two of their thugs. There is so much more work product about the sham of this pseudo-holiday; I could go on and on.

In a YouTube video, Kamala Harris wished all the world a happy Kwanzaa with a tone and demeanor that she should have patented because only she could be so phony and try to divide and alienate people with such a piranha smile.

But people forget. And our minds start buying into lies, the further away the truths become. Consider this rant my gentle reminder.

According to the National Retail Federation estimate, only 1.6 percent of Americans–mainly imbeciles–celebrate this concocted, politically-manufactured holiday. The idea that this Marxist attack on Christmas should be viewed as anything other than evil Communist strategy has been confirmed by sane, rational, and real writers in The American Thinker and The Federalist.


Another video highlighted the dumbness that even self-proclaimed celebrants of Kwanzaa regularly display.

And the brazenly acclaimed ‘founder’ of this racially-motivated charade is a Marxist, rapist, ex-con who tortured two women in inexplicably awful ways: Ronald McKinley Everett (aka Ron Karenga & aka Maulana Ndabezitha Karenga). After his release from prison, this prime specimen of anti-White, anti-American bile then did what many of these denizens do: he received not just one but two doctorates (presumably on the taxpayer dime). Just for laughs, here’s his laughably fake Wikipedia entry. There’s got to be a way to strip such persons of their American citizenship and deport them.

He then proceeded to set up any number of NGO/non-profit orgs that did nothing of any apparent value to anybody but himself. His life story is too long and sordid to tell here, but all of this has been confirmed and known to the general public for years now.

So, why do we forget to laugh in the faces of people, public and otherwise, when they start trumpeting the emotional and spiritual power of Kwanzaa?

Well, we’re bombarded continuously by White, privileged Leftists in the media, Hollywood, pro sports, and government — and very few Black Americans. This is not by coincidence. Only Black elites with a divisive political agenda “celebrate” Kwanzaa. For these slick operators, Kwanzaa kills two birds with one stone: it divides the Black and other races amongst themselves; and it tries to denigrate one of the two most important, real holidays on the Christian calendar.


I’ve never seen a Conservative of any race, color, or creed espousing the sanctity of Kwanzaa.

But Democrats just love heralding their stupidity by promoting this falsehood as if there are millions of Americans celebrating it every Christmas time.

There’s no telling what rabid political, one-celled creatures will lie about next. Perhaps a replacement for New Year’s? Happy New Year … forever.



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