Can You Imagine the Putin-Biden Zoom Call?

Can You Imagine the Putin-Biden Zoom Call?
Denis Balibouse/Pool Photo via AP

One country has a strong, aggressive, mentally capable, and healthy leader at the top of his tyrannical game.

The other has a weak, frail, and barely cognizant figurehead at the nadir of his tyrannical game.

This will not work out well. Except for Russia.

Birdbrained Marxist media pundits are already telegraphing that “Biden will threaten Putin” with cutting Russia off from the Swift system (there’s a good idea), sanctions against travel and economic activities of Putin’s crew, and even military action involving the imagined “use of troops.” All of this is another of the Left’s media charades and will never occur.

Biden had to steel himself to declare a “diplomatic boycott” of the winter Olympics in Beijing. Privately, Xi didn’t even blink.

This call is supposed to be about Ukraine. Remember Ukraine, Joe? You and your paternal mentor, Obama, literally gave it away and welcomed Russian troops into Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Then offered blankets and ready-to-eat meals. The Ukrainians were like, “Gee, thanks, Biden.”

But instead of the central issue — Russia’s impending military takeover of another independent country — this call will really be about Biden mollifying the Left that controls him and living up to the ignominious expectations of our simpering media. He’ll make everybody think he was tough with Putin on the call but it’ll be a slobbering tongue-bath by Biden all over Putin’s rippling body and Putin alternating between towering over a cowering American President, threatening his and our very existence, and saying a few nice things to butter up the disgraceful, unresponsive Biden.

Of course, there will be ZERO transparency of the call’s specifics, what was said by whom, no transcript except a doctored one later when nobody cares and excited utterances immediately about how well the semi-drooling Biden dealt with the clearly superior Putin. Putin could beat up Biden with both hands behind his back and his legs in shackles. Regretfully, it’s the first time I wished during a crisis that in place of the American President, we had an evil dictator negotiating for us.

There are only two terrible results possible here:

1) Biden (unintentionally or otherwise) gives Putin the proverbial green light to invade Ukraine and then Xi goes after Taiwan, Nepal, and the South China Sea; Kim & North Korea move on South Korea; and Iran goes after Israel with nukes. Obviously, this is a repugnant, humiliating Biden’s worst possible outcome.


2) Putin scams Biden and the rest of the world, using the complacent and pliable US media fools to convince all that  “Everything’s gonna be OK, Honey,” as we’re constantly reminded that the de-focused, jumbled Biden was told by his father. Then after a few weeks, head right into Ukraine unopposed.

In either case, another of the world’s worst, most evil tyrants will have just taken advantage of our derelict, incompetent President. Biden’s already been demeaned virtually every time he’s been overseas or meeting with heads of state on simple issues such as the economy, environment, and other showcase Liberal ruses. All of them are unimportant compared to this.

Biden keeps doing the same thing over and over: failing at everything he ever attempts. It’s like Groundhog Day.

What’s the definition of insanity?


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