Evan McMullin Is America's Only Sane Choice

When I heard last week there was a fifth option entering the race for the presidency, I laughed. Although I’ve been a #NeverTrump advocate for over a year, I thought Evan McMullin was too little, and far too late. In fact, I criticized the NeverTrump movement on Ed Morrissey’s radio show (after Evan’s announcement) for the lateness of his candidacy.

Despite that, after a week of researching Evan McMullin, his resume, and positions, I decided he is the only choice that represents me in the 2016 presidential election.

A presidential election isn’t just about winning. It’s about focusing your efforts on the candidate that represents you the best. It’s about voting for the person most suitable for the highest office in the world. It’s not about voting for the lesser of two evils or compromising your morals. More importantly, voting for a president is not about putting party over principles.

By voting for the lesser of two (extreme) evils or voting for a candidate due to their political party, you are supporting and encouraging mediocrity in our candidates in 2016 and beyond. You’re supporting the two-party system that chose Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the two worst presidential candidates in history. You’re supporting two candidates that could do severe damage to our country’s future.

So why do I support McMullin over Trump, Johnson, Clinton, and Stein? Well, Evan McMullin doesn’t insult women. He doesn’t insult veterans. He doesn’t tear down people who disagree with him. He doesn’t lie to the American people about national security matters. Trump and Clinton don’t listen to those around them, but Evan does. Evan has plans, listens to voters, and respects his opponents. Evan is a constitutional conservative who unites and knows how to get the job done. Neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump can claim any of those things.

Furthermore, Evan believes in American values. He believes in limited government, the 2nd Amendment, being pro-life, and defeating ISIS. Evan wants to strengthen the middle class, lower taxes, keep our military strong, and show compassion to immigrants (but not without strict law implementation). His national security and leadership experience with the CIA and House Committee on Foreign Affairs is incredibly important during such a tense international period. His economic experience while working with investment banking at Goldman Sachs proves he’s knowledgable with money and financially wise.

Now, I know you’re saying Evan McMullin has no chance to win the White House. While a chance at victory is incredibly slim, that shouldn’t matter in the slightest. Just because Evan is an underdog doesn’t mean he isn’t the best choice for the presidency. The American Dream was built upon those who overcame obstacles, doubt, and tough trials. Americans love to cheer for the underdog, whether it’s an NFL Wild Card playoff team, a 14 seed during March Madness, or even an immigrant working hard to achieve The American Dream. Why can’t we support an underdog when it comes to the presidency? Evan McMullin has a heck of a long road ahead of him, but that’s no reason to refrain from supporting someone.

The Republican and Democratic parties have failed us this year, but we have a better choice this November. Evan McMullin is a conservative, a uniter, and an underdog. If everyone who was holding their nose and voting for Trump or Clinton took a long look at McMullin, he would have a fighting chance. Let’s get him on the debate stage and support the man who is most fit for the presidency, instead of voting for the lesser of two evils.

I’m voting for Evan McMullin on November 8th. No matter what the outcome of the election is, I want to feel good about the candidate I vote for in a presidential election. You should too.

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