America's Education System Needs Radical Change

America’s education system needs a complete overhaul. As an 18 year-old who just graduated from public high school , I have seen, firsthand, the problems with education in the United States. To me, it’s no shocker that we are falling in educational worldwide ranks every year. Our education system preaches anti-American knowledge and shames conservatism in every facet. From private colleges to public middle schools, these biases can be found in most classrooms.


A quality education always begins with the educators themselves. Unfortunately, especially at the highest level of education, students aren’t being given the best educator available. Instead, colleges and universities are hiring solely based on political ideology. According to a Georgetown professor, conservative professors are discriminated against during faculty searches/hirings. The professor, John Hasnas, saw conservatives candidates “dismissed” for their political ideologies and libertarian candidates not even considered. As he states in his column in the Wall Street Journal, it is easy to conclude that his experiences are not rare in the educational world. According to a report done by the Higher Education Research Institute, only 12% of college professors identify as right-of-center. In a country where we are divided almost evenly in half between political ideologies, it is absurd that only 12% of professors are “right-of-center.” It’s no secret this bias is having an effect on the students themselves. Not only are professors not accurately representing America’s values, but they are specifically targeting students and spewing hateful speech towards conservatives and America. In addition, conservative professors are being pushed out of classrooms. The result of all of this? According to the report cited earlier, only 20% of college students identify as conservative. The left’s control over education has given students no room to think. The lack of diversity in classrooms across the country go completely against American values. This isn’t surprising though, as liberals always demand tolerance and diversity unless it messes with their opinion.


The curriculum at both the collegiate and pre-collegiate level is incredibly biased as well. I recently graduated from public high school, where I was taught only the negatives of America. We weren’t taught about how the Founding Fathers are our heroes, how Republicans championed the abolitionist movement, or how our country has lead the way for fair social and economic change worldwide. In classrooms across the country, students learn that our country is not a Republic, but a Democracy. We learn that our Founding Fathers were racist pigs. Our teachers fail to mention the racist past of the Democratic Party, but are quick to bring up the faults of conservatism. Students fail to learn that America has been numerous steps ahead of every country in terms of bringing peace and economic/social change to the world. High school students learn the faults of capitalism, all while hearing praise of socialism. No high schooler would know that the first African-American member elected to Congress was Republican. They have no idea that capitalism is the reason for America’s success or even that our country is a Republic. To make matters worse, high school teachers have no choice but to teach this nonsense due to their imprisonment to the Common Core curriculum. As a result, high schoolers learn to hate America, which is why we see so many young people disrespecting veterans, police officers, and the flag. This hatred is brought to new heights in college, where students are taught worse. Not only is the hatred towards America unwarranted, but it has become an epidemic among young people.


Think those are the only problems with America’s education system? Think again. Currently, there are 19 states that give parents absolutely no right to choose what school their child attends. Additionally, in almost every state across the country, unions still dominate in the classroom. Public sector unions take millions of dollars from the teacher’s pockets and donate the money to liberal politicians who support Common Core, something vastly disapproved by the teachers themselves. The U.S. Department of Education’s consistent support and encouragement of Common Core proves their ignorance towards local teachers and their communities as well.

It’s easy to see that our education system needs a complete overhaul. To do so, we must privatize education and leave education up to local and statewide officials, teachers, and parents. We need to bring more political diversity to college campuses and remove liberally biased curriculums from our public schools. Most importantly, states need to repeal Common Core, which puts all kids into the same box. If we don’t fix our educational system soon, our country will continue to fall in world rankings, good teachers will not want to teach, and America will continue to lose hope for a better future.


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