With Donald Trump, The Republican Party Left Me

As an 18-year-old conservative activist, I have volunteered over 1,000 hours of my time on Republican campaigns. I’ve dedicated much of my young life to Republican politics and defending the party’s conservative principles. The GOP was created to embrace economic freedom, pro-American beliefs, strong Christian morals, and a unifying tone. I joined the party because of those viewpoints. The Republican Party, at least on a national level, does not represent me. The Republican Party is quickly drifting away from why I joined it at age 10. I feel as if my time has gone to waste.


Ever since Donald Trump entered the presidential race, I tried to convince myself (and others) that the Republican Party portrayed by the media as uncaring, racist, and sexist was not the real Republican Party. I thought Republicans would be smart enough to wake up to Trump’s horrific words and actions.

Boy, was I wrong.

Donald Trump has hijacked the Republican Party and his nomination confirms almost every negative stereotype about Republicans. Despite being a lifelong Republican, I will not stand for Trump, his supporters, or the Republican Party (on a national level) this election. Here’s why:


Donald Trump doesn’t represent pro-American morals

The United States is a nation of acceptance and respect. Donald Trump has shown the absolute opposite of those two beliefs during his campaign. He’s disrespected dignified war heroes, mocked the disabled, and blamed 9/11 on George W. Bush. He has also stated numerous racist comments, including calling Mexican immigrants “rapists,” and proposing a ban on all Muslims entering the country. Ironically enough, a lot of Donald Trump’s support comes from the “religious right;” Christian conservatives. The Bible specifically preaches kindness and respect, something Donald Trump shows the opposite of on the campaign trail. More importantly, Donald Trump thinks he is above The Bible. The presidential candidate stated he has never “sought forgiveness” from God. In a country where we are expected to admit and apologize for our wrongdoings (no matter what religion we associate ourselves with), Donald Trump feels as if he is too perfect to show humility and admit wrongdoings. This isn’t a surprise coming from the guy who boasts his knowledge of The Bible, but really knows nothing about it.


Donald Trump has no respect for his opponents

“Lightweight choker,” “dumb as a rock,” ”total failure,” “dumb mouthpiece,” “really pathetic,” “a total embarrassment to himself and his family,” “one of the dumbest people in politics,” and “total low life” are just a few insults Donald Trump has used towards politicians from his own political side. He even had the nerve to blame Ted Cruz’s father for John F. Kennedy’s assassination. And yes, it gets much worse. Trump insults Democrats by calling them “clowns” and “wackos,” all while blaming them for ISIS. Oh, and his attacks on the media are pretty bad too. He’s insulted allies AND countries in which we have current tension with. Our country cannot risk his absurd comments. If Donald Trump says disgusting insults to his own political allies, how will he handle stressful foreign situations? His constant disrespect could lead our country to unnecessary war and destruction. In addition, we could lose many important allies under a Trump presidency.

Donald Trump doesn’t stand for conservative values

Donald Trump is incredibly far from a true conservative, but he has blindly lead uneducated voters into thinking he is one. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, and many other liberals just in New York State. He’s supported abortion and Planned Parenthood, higher taxes on wealthy Americans, universal healthcare, and the legalization of drugs. Trump is a con-man and by no means a conservative. In addition, Donald Trump’s unsteady positions on America’s most challenging issues could severely threaten our future during stressful situations.


Donald Trump is truly a sexist

There is nothing presidential about insulting a woman’s appearance. Donald Trump is a true sexist and has called women “dogs,” “slobs,” and “pigs.” He’s rated Sarah Jessica Parker the “unsexiest woman alive” and thought about dating his daughter. He also consistently talks about future wives. Worst of all, he blamed Megyn Kelly’s challenging debate questions on her period.  There is no excuse for the sexism from Donald Trump’s indecent mouth. America doesn’t need to go back to the times where women were put down because of their gender or their appearance. Conservatives have always stated that the content of one’s character matters most with gender issues. Unfortunately, his voters don’t hold him to that same standard. When Donald Trump says he wants to “Make America Great Again,” is he saying he wants to go back to our country’s sexist past? It sure seems like it, according to his statements.


Conservatives had Marco Rubio. We had Scott Walker. We had Ted Cruz. We had Carly Fiorina. We had Rand Paul. We had John Kasich. We had Rick Perry. Instead of choosing one of the many talented, bright, and dynamic conservative candidates, Republican voters chose Donald Trump. Although I will support the other “down-ballot” Republicans, I will never cast my first presidential vote for Donald J. Trump.



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