Kansas City High School Crowns Biological Male 'Homecoming Queen' - and It's Not the First Time

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As the left's march to eliminate and erase any entity or practice that has been traditionally reserved for women — like women's sports and pledging sororities — continues, now comes yet another time-honored tradition that will be yanked away from young girls and given to males pretending to be girls. That is the practice of crowning high school Homecoming Queens. We might expect this to happen in places like California or New York, but the tentacles of transgenderism are reaching into America's midwest as well. The latest example of this: Last week, a Kansas City high school crowned a biological male as its Homecoming Queen.


North Kansas City Schools made the announcement on social media by posting pictures from Oak Park High School, where Tristan Young, a biological male, was crowned the school's Homecoming Queen. Four pictures appeared on the school's X page, showing Young winning the title. One of the pictures is of Young posing with the other Queen candidates, all biological females, who lost out to Young, a male. Another photo shows Young standing alone and the caption reads, “Our queen. Happy HoCo!” But as maddening as this is, there is another interesting detail about North Kansas City School's social media post, the only people who can respond to the X post, are people that the school itself mentions. Hmmm... Why wouldn't Oak Park High School want everyone to congratulate their new Homecoming Queen?

Young responded to the post by saying, 

“i [sic] am forever thankful that you have chosen me to be your homecoming queen. i [sic] have had a very difficult high school journey, but having the support of my friends, family and oak park has helped tremendously, i [sic] truly don’t know where i [sic] would be without it,”

But while Tristan Young would have undoubtedly been elated to be a trailblazer at Oak Park High, he is not. There may have been, what might be described as a dry run for this, way back in 2015 at the same school. That year, Landon Patterson, also transgender, but for that time, a bit more uncommon, was crowned Oak Park's first transgender Homecoming Queen. It also turns out that Patterson managed to invade still another predominantly female space, having been a cheerleader at Oak Park High School. But perhaps the saddest part of the transgender movement, especially when it comes to young people, are parents who willingly go along with it. At the time of Patterson's crowning, his mother, Debbie Hall, commented, “He’s a cute boy, but a beautiful girl." Patterson also commented on Young's crowning commenting on Instagram, “So iconic! So deserving." It is now "iconic" for biological males to cheat women out of Homecoming Queen titles, as much as it is sports achievements and spots in a sorority. It begs the question, what's next?


Former University of Kentucky star women's collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines, who now heads up the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute of Virginia, weighed in on Tristan Young's Homecoming Queen win on social media, saying:

So stunning & brave. Another reminder to all girls that men make the best women. I wonder if a female will win homecoming king or if it’s understood that both of these spots are reserved for males. Who’s to blame here?”

As the left tries to normalize biological males edging out women in such things as sports, and other activities, those who once marched in the streets for the rights of women, are now actively attempting to erase them from places once reserved for only women. Sorority sisters at the University of Wyoming were recently forced to admit a transgender member and allow that person to live in the sorority house with biological women. It has all but ruined the college and Greek experience of many of the sorority members.


There is no word on whether or not any of the female Homecoming Queen candidates spoke about Tristan Young's win. If any of them do voice any opposition, their remaining days at Oak Park High will undoubtedly be made unbearable. They would likely suffer the same fate as anyone who dares challenge the transgender mob: name-calling and being virtually ostracized at school, not to mention the treatment they would receive on social media that would surely ensue. The rights of actual women just don't matter, that is clear. Like Riley Gaines and her teammates, they are expected to just shut up and accept it. After all, as transgender Homecoming Queen number one, Landon Patterson at Oak Park High stated, it is "iconic." 



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