UN Climate Chief Gives up a Dirty Little Secret—World Leaders Must Coerce Citizens Into Green Agenda

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If you are not a climate change alarmist, you already are aware that climate change has less to do with the climate and much more to do with governmental control over your life. Jim Skea is a professor of sustainable energy at Imperial College in London. He was also recently installed as the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is the top U.N. body on climate change science.


But whether intentional or not, Professor Skea, in a recent interview with London’s Evening Standard newspaper, let the climate cat out of the bag, essentially saying that climate change, the worldwide green agenda, and the movement away from a fossil fuel economy, must be pushed by world leaders on their citizens, that those leaders are the “ringmasters.” to combat purported climate change. Ringmaster does indeed seem to be an appropriate title for the worldwide circus that is climate change.

Skea also says that, in order to combat climate change, there needs to be a “society-wide” effort, and that, “political leaders have a particular responsibility because they set the tone for it all… They are the kind of ringmasters or ringmistresses that [sic] try to co-ordinate the different actions.”

When asked what it is that citizens can do most in their respective nations, Skea says they must, “keep voting… is the key issue.” Skea acknowledges that there are groups of citizens around the world, who are more radical in their climate demands than their own government, and that there are also some fringe radical groups that are “extremist” in their views, and could possibly alienate a portion of a country’s voters. But the ends apparently justify the means, because they are, “keeping the issue of fossil fuels on the agenda.”


Professor Skea is undoubtedly a true believer. He goes on to tell the Evening Standard,

Climate change is happening now. You can see it on your TV screens, you can see even looking out the window, deciding what clothes you need to wear when you go out. All of this was predicted, but perhaps it’s happening more quickly than was anticipated.

He also states that political action is more important than ever, and that “global warming may be accelerating faster than previously believed.” While Skea did not specifically say, beyond voting, what sort of political action could be taken by the world’s citizens, he did offer a suggestion to the “ringmasters,” a.k.a., world leaders when it came to the climate change war.

He says that world governments should pledge to the IPCC plan that would leave 50 percent of oil reserves underground. He explains that if reserves continue to be added to, that means that more reserves will be left underground, if the 2015 Paris Climate Accords are to be met. Skea also stated that leaders should stick to their commitments to switch from gas-powered vehicles to electric.

Just one problem. Electric vehicles, at least in the U.S., are an economic boondoggle. Ford Motor Company recently announced a whopping $4.5 billion loss from its electric vehicle (EV) division, up from $3 billion in 2022. And on Monday, Proterra, a producer of electric busses, that received a lot of backing from the Biden administration, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


While world leaders are the ringmasters, what happens if they choose not to be? During Joe Biden’s interview with The Weather Channel, he stated that “it’s not enough for us to do it, we have to change the whole world’s attitude. And right now, Russia and China are very, very difficult partners.” Translation, they don’t give a rip about climate change.

But Biden, who has been sucked into the climate change hysteria by progressives, proved he is a willing ringmaster. During the interview, he dutifully called climate change “an existential threat,” and also lamented the fact that he was stopped in court when he tried to stop drilling on both the East and West coats, and in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, gas prices are on the rise once again, with the national average at $3.82 per gallon. Joe Biden also told The Weather Channel’s Stephanie Abrams, when she asked if he was prepared to declare a national emergency with respect to climate change, that he already had, “practically speaking.”

Even though he works at the U.N., Professor Skea doesn’t seem to know Americans very well. We like our gas-powered cars and gas stoves. And yes, we will absolutely keep voting accordingly.




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