Why GOP Voters Will 'Discover' Vivek Ramaswamy

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

With 10 declared 2024 Republican Presidential candidates, the election cycle is definitely in full swing even though we are still 15 months away from Election Day. When you look at the big picture, Republicans have a pretty strong bench, and if we are honest about it, it is a good problem to have. Former President Donald Trump is far and away the front runner, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. No other candidate is currently polling above 10 percent. That includes businessman, entrepreneur, and now presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

As Donald Trump is expected to appear in a Miami courtroom Tuesday on over 30 counts of mishandling classified documents, and many of his supporters have gathered outside the courthouse, his fellow Republicans, and his fellow candidates, aside from making statements about the corrupt justice system, are largely keeping Trump at arm’s length. But one of those candidates is front and center defending Trump, and it just may get him a lot of attention, even from Trump voters.

Vivek Ramaswamy has said repeatedly, since the announcement of the Trump indictment, that if elected, he would pardon Trump of all charges. Appearing in front of the Miami courthouse on Tuesday, Ramaswamy declared that his campaign has sent letters to every presidential candidate, both Republican and Democrat, asking them to also pledge that if elected, they would also pardon Trump.

Additionally, he tweeted, “I challenge every US Presidential candidate to join me in standing for TRUTH. Commit to pardon Donald Trump for these federal charges on Day 1, or explain why you won’t.” Does Ramaswamy expect any responses from his fellow candidates? Probably not. But by not doing so, they are in no way helping their own causes, but they are doing Vivek Ramaswamy a huge favor.

The reason, pure and simple, money, or the lack of it, talks. Ramaswamy claims that GOP candidates, including himself, have been contacted by GOP donors, telling them to stay as far away from Trump as possible. But in a sentiment eerily reminiscent of Trump, Ramaswamy says: “I refuse to abide by being a disciple of the donor class.” He also declared that “We need to declare independence from our donor class in the Republican Party.”

He also portrays himself, in Trump fashion, as a political outsider. Do Vivek Ramaswamy’s fellow candidates have the cajones to sign such a pledge and risk angering potential donors, or will they march in lockstep with those donors because they fear a drop in funding? It is a gutsy move by Ramaswamy and could be one that, at least in the eyes of Republican voters, could separate the men from the boys. And it is just the kind of thing that will get Vivek Ramaswamy more attention from GOP voters.

Barring something like a natural disaster, Donald Trump will become the 2024 Republican nominee for president. Most of the other presidential wannabes will settle for various cabinet positions or agency heads. But Vivek Ramaswamy is different. He says many of the usual things other candidates say: We need to restore honesty and integrity to the presidency, etc. But it is here where, in most of his fellow candidate’s stump speeches, they take the obligatory swipes at Trump or each other. Ramaswamy talks about an America First agenda because he agrees with it and would implement much of it.

One response on Twitter to Ramaswamy’s appearance in Miami today said he is making a strong case for VP. Could be, at just 37, he is a young man and has the potential to become a rock star in the Republican Party. He is also telegraphing the notion that perhaps he, unlike other GOP hopefuls, is well aware that if the powers engaged in trying to bring down Donald Trump can do it to him, they will do it to any other Republican.

Will Vivek Ramaswamy be elected President in 2024? No, but by calling out what is happening to Donald Trump, the MAGA faithful just might reward him in the future, by having long memories.


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