US Navy Finally Takes Action in Yemen Against Houthis, Destroying Their Radar Capabilities

Houthi Media Center via AP

The U.S. military, specifically the Navy, has swung into action over the Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen's continued reckless attacks against foreign vessels, after many months of giving them free rein to terrorize whomever they please in the Red Sea.


via the Hill:

The U.S. military is striking radar sites operated by Yemen’s Houthi rebels after a merchant sailor and boat went missing in the Red Sea earlier this week.

U.S. strikes have destroyed seven radars within Houthi territory, the military’s Central Command (CENTCOM) said. The Associated Press reported that the military did not elaborate on how the sites were destroyed and did not immediately respond to questions.


Separately, the U.S. destroyed two drone boats in the Red Sea that held bombs, as well as a drone that was launched above the waterway from the Houthi rebels.

CENTCOM acknowledged that one commercial sailor from the Liberian-flagged and Greek-owned cargo carrier Tutor has been missing since Wednesday, after the Houthis used a drone with a bomb on it to strike the boat.

The crew abandoned ship and were rescued by the USS Philippine Sea and partner forces, but the Tutor remains in the Red Sea and is “taking on water,” the agency said, per the AP.

This comes after a mid-May attack by the Houthis on a foreign oil tanker in the Red Sea, just after Biden's folks quietly met with Iran to beg them to get the terrorists to cut it out already.

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One recent positive sign that the U.S. would start putting its foot down on the aggression was a move during the spring to transfer seized Iranian weapons meant for the Houthis to shore up Ukraine's reserves:

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But as recently as April, the Biden special envoy to Yemen was floating a trial balloon on removing the terrorist watch list designation and changing the U.S. military's orders to attack the Houthi's military capabilities, projecting the ongoing weakness of this president and those who surround him to leaders worldwide.

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It's unclear how the Biden administration will proceed from here, but the safe bet is that one or more of his crew will say something cowardly about standing against the world's bullies, like China and Iran, before long. As always, we'll keep you posted on developments.



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