Virginia Gov. Youngkin Heads Into Battle vs. Loudoun County Schools Over Transgender Bathroom Policy

RedState readers likely remember the controversy surrounding the Loudoun County (Virginia) School District. We previously wrote extensively about parents who were enraged after the school district superintendent grossly mishandled two sexual assault by a biological male student who wore a skirt.


It’s hard to forget the video of the father being dragged out of a school board meeting, when all he wanted was to get justice for his daughter, who was also allegedly raped by the student. The story culminated in former superintendent Scott Ziegler being indicted by a grand jury on several misdemeanor counts, in December 2022, for his actions.

Now, it appears they’re doubling down on giving in to the leftists on transgender rights …at the expense of the rights of all children to feel safe while at school.

A reporter with D.C. area WJLA-TV, Nick Minock broke the story, including sharing some photos of the bathroom design the school district is mulling:

He wrote:

The Loudoun County School Board is considering overhauling bathroom designs in schools to accommodate transgender, nonbinary and gender-expansive students.

Loudoun County Public Schools confirmed that the school system is researching floor-to-ceiling bathroom stalls with shared sink areas for all school bathrooms.

LCPS is also considering building private bathrooms in schools, in addition to keeping gender-separated bathrooms. The school system is spending $11 million to pilot this option at Loudoun Valley High School and Broad Run High School.


To put it simply: they are “researching” plans to scrap boys and girls bathrooms… in favor of unisex bathrooms.

The school district might also make similar changes to locker rooms, the report added.

But there was a sign of sanity at the March 14th school board meeting where the new bathroom design policy was laid out. School board member Tiffany Polifko shared her concerns over the school’s current policies:

We are having females in our schools who are experiencing males come into their bathrooms and they’re being told when they bring this concern up, they’re being told that they can use a single-use restroom, effectively leave their own designated space to go use a different restroom or seek out counseling. And that’s something we need to address.

Why is the Loudoun County School District making these “options” a priority? A spokesperson for LCSD told WJLA-TV:

LCPS is currently researching those options, as well as others, to determine what works best for the division in order to meet VDOE requirements and balance student and staff safety with privacy.

In other words, the school is taking cues from Virginia Department of Education’s Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia’s Public Schools—a model policy left over from former Gov. Ralph Northam’s administration.

But battle lines are being drawn. Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin is working to replace the old Democrat policy. He said, according to WJLA-TV:


We received 71,000 comments and we are working through all of them. The sad thing is that tens of thousands of them were actually submitted by bots based on our initial assessment, and so we’re making sure that we address those comments that are real.

It’s an obligation for us, as Virginians, to put parents back in charge of their children’s lives and together with caring teachers and counselors, and parents, we can support our children. This is what our model policies are all about. And as soon as we finished getting through all of these comments, we’ll be ready to get ready to deliver them.

This is exactly the right place to make educational decisions from—after listening to parents, not progressive activists looking to turn reality on its head. Virginia and other states need to stay in the fight against this. We have to hope that sanity, and the voices of parents, prevail.


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