MSNBC Tries to Stoke Fears of Another J6 in Wake of Trump Arrest

MSNBC contributor and presidential historian Michael Beschloss appears on "MSNBC Reports," March 18, 2023. Credit: Screenshot

It’s been quite an end to the week already, hasn’t it, readers? First, on Friday night, we got word that law enforcement officials were preparing for the possibility of the Manhattan D.A.’s office filing an indictment against former president Donald Trump — including his arrest.


We also got a reaction from Trump himself, who hinted that the arrest might come next Tuesday and called for protests in their wake, as we reported earlier on Saturday.

Hard on the heels of Trump’s reaction was House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announcing in a tweet an investigation into the Manhattan D.A. abusing his power, along with seeking out how exactly this kind of political witch hunt is financed.

Adding to that, we were graced with the ramblings of former congresscritter Adam Kinzinger about Trump’s calls for protests, drawing a pathetic connection to the J6 Capitol riots, while writing in a tweet Saturday:

If there is violence when Trump is arrested, it will just prove to the skeptics who launched the violence on Jan 6… DJT Himself

It seems that just was a foreshadowing of what the left has on its mind. On Saturday morning, MSNBC trotted out the Democrats’ favorite historian and useful tool Michael Beschloss, to comment on Trump’s and McCarthy’s pushback to the indictment news.

“MSNBC Reports” host Jonathan Capehart tees it up for Beschloss, adopting a shrill tone to describe the Speaker’s tweet “backing [Trump] up” as “to [his] mind, brings this situation, ramps it up to a whole new level. Tell me I’m wrong.”


Beschloss obliges him, “You’re not wrong, Jonathan. I’m totally with you and the way that you’ve reacted to this almost disgraceful tweet that Kevin McCarthy has put out.”

But wait. He gives his–and the Democrats’– game away in his next breath. Beschloss continues: [emphasis, mine]

I don’t use that word often to describe Speakers of the House. He’s interfering with the process of the rule of law. This is a duly elected D.A. in New York, who…we don’t even know what’s going to happen yet, or what the grand jury is going to do.

But the Speaker of the House has absolutely no business interfering with this process, [by] siding with one side — Donald Trump’s side — and also saying that he’s going to investigate the use of federal funds to interfere, this is him talking, with our elections, an effort by what he calls “politically motivated prosecutors.”

It’s not his business to get involved in the legal process.

But then he tries to turn it up to 11 with fearmongering over what this could lead to: “It also raises another question, Jonathan, which is, as you have said, Donald Trump has put out this statement only a few hours ago, calling on people to nationally protest his possible arrest….So, you have an ex-president calling for a protest that we now know can turn into violence, as it did on the sixth of January, 2021.”


Beschloss wasn’t done beclowning himself, though. Perhaps most comically, he then repeats the progressive fantasy that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi–unlike McCarthy–tried “her best” to keep the Capitol safe on January 6, 2021:

At least, as horrible as that was, you and I talked about it that day, at least you had a Speaker of the House — Nancy Pelosi — where we could be sure that she would do her best to try to protect the Capitol against violent attack.

After this statement by Kevin McCarthy, we have no such reassurance.

The only upside here: considering the fact that ratings continue to show that most people aren’t tuning in to MSNBC, most of what passed for news — and what people like Beschloss, Capehart, and their pals say — often gets gulped up in a void of silence.


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