McCarthy Throws Down the Gauntlet at Manhattan DA — 'Abuse of Power' Against Trump

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It’s a good thing that the Republicans already have the House Weaponization Committee up and ready to go because it looks like they may have to take on their most important charge to date: dealing with the political action to try to take out President Donald Trump. They’ve seen all kinds of bias so far, when it comes to complaints about things like the FBI. But this is going to be next level, as the Democrats ramp up the effort to take out Trump before the 2024 race.


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is not taking the threat of a Democratic DA getting an indictment against Trump lightly. After the news broke about a reported indictment, McCarthy announced that he was directing House committees to investigate whether federal funds are being used to “subvert our democracy by interfering in elections with politically motivated prosecutions.”

McCarthy also called out the effort to get Trump specifically.

“Here we go again — an outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA who lets violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance against President Trump,” McCarthy tweeted.

Democrats throw around the terms like “subvert democracy” lightly, for everything, in their smears of Republicans. But when you’re trying to politically prosecute a political opponent, the term is pretty much on target.


In this case, where the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is such a leftist that he regularly downgrades the prosecution of real crimes, the move to upgrade this charge against Trump stands out, as we reported earlier. Even Fox’s John Roberts noticed the glaring disparity in how Bragg approaches things — and McCarthy made that point as well.

While McCarthy’s actions wouldn’t stop Bragg from going forward, he’s sending a clear message to Bragg and the other Democrats that they’re not just going to ride right over the Republicans in their mad dash to get Trump. He’s throwing down a bit of a gauntlet at Bragg, and who knows what that investigation may turn up. They will no doubt point out any disparity that they see going on in this matter and will trumpet it loud for everyone to see.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) was already asking the question, “How much federal funding does the Manhattan DA’s office receive?” No doubt there will be more calls to see what they can do to respond to this, and it’s likely to galvanize more Republicans.

The Democrats likely hope that this move is going to help them do in Trump and catapult whomever their candidate ultimately is to victory. Yet, as I said earlier, they may be overplaying their hands. Elon Musk predicted that this will result in a landslide for Trump, if the Democrats go down this road. Already, folks who might have been on the fence when it comes to who to vote for are now saying this is pushing them to Trump.


So, they may just have shot themselves in the foot with this move. It isn’t going to stop Trump from running in the meantime — and it may just be very helpful to him, bringing more people and more money to his side.


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