Adam Kinzinger Wants Violence to Validate His Hatred of Trump

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A few months ago, I wrote a story about Adam Kinzinger being a bit of a “Stolen Valor” fraud.

I wrote:

On a warm August night in 2006, just after midnight, Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s life changed. Kinzinger and his girlfriend, Megan, were walking on North Avenue in Milwaukee when they saw a woman standing in the middle of the road, holding her neck, her shirt stained with blood, and a man with a knife running toward her. As many know, since Kinzinger subsequently rode the hero story to fame, Kinzinger tackled the man and held him until police arrived and was awarded the United States Air Force Airman’s Medal for his actions that night. However, like many things Kinzinger claims, there’s some truth to what he says, but the facts don’t square with his description, and in Kinzinger’s version, he’s the most courageous actor in the scenario. And in this particular story, Kinzinger doesn’t have any qualms with stealing valor from a woman, at least in some versions of it.


Adam rode his “I’m a hero” pony to elected office and then, ultimately, to crying on national television while he sat as a Democrat prop for the January 6th Committee. When I wrote my article and point out that Adam did not, in fact, disarm the perp, and take the knife away, I assumed that he or the staff would see my article and would change his Congressional bio to reflect the truth. He and his staff didn’t change his heroic account where he’s depicted as single-handedly taking down a knife-wielding assailant; no, they left it intact until he left office. Because his office no longer exists, neither, apparently does the recount of his heroism. I screen-grabbed it:

Screenshot from Adam Kinzinger’s deleted congressional bio, Dec. 2021. Credit: Jim Thompson

He and Liz Cheney left office in 2022. One tried to get reelected; the other had no office to be reelected to. Adam disappeared from the halls of Congress when his district disappeared. But Adam didn’t disappear completely. His days are now spent trolling Twitter for Republicans to castigate. Although Biden is the worst president in history, Adam avoids criticizing Biden’s constant lies and gaslighting, focusing on people he doesn’t like. Adam’s present job seems to be tweeting about Republicans — in particular, a few people. But one person remains his huckleberry: Donald Trump.


No one wants Donald Trump arrested more than Adam Kinzinger, and no one wants to be validated more than Adam Kinzinger. No one wants to cry with joy more than Adam Kinzinger. Adam seems to care little for why or for what the substance of the claims might be; his focus is on the man, not the facts. His latest tweet is about the apparent arrest of Donald Trump by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

The (apparent) charges remain vague but apparently, it involves Stormy Daniels’ “hush money” payment. If that is the reason, it’s bad-faith politics and is likely to backfire. The Soros-backed DA Alvin Bragg has, from the moment he took office, demonstrated a history of selective prosecution. He has taken violent felons out of jail and put them back on the street. Bragg has bragged about his agenda, and it’s not justice, it’s political. But Adam doesn’t see that as a problem, if the focus of the phony felony is Donald Trump. And lines are quickly being drawn.

Adam Kinzinger tweeted that it will be a “sad day,” and I agree that it will be sad. But for Adam, “sadness” and regret are a feint. He doesn’t really mean it. He isn’t sad about it at all. Adam is like the kid who tried out for a team and got cut. He’s been hoping for this day. He’s been hoping that someone blows a knee — and he’s been hoping that, particularly, it would be Trump.


Adam has been hoping for an indictment, and he’s been hoping with the heat of a thousand suns that someone supporting Trump will violently protest Trump’s perp-walk. If violence, even by one nut, happens, Adam thinks it will validate his hatred of all things Trump.

Adam Kinzinger is a silly, little man, hate-hoping that someone, anyone turns to him soon and says, “Boy, Adam, you were right. Trump incited another riot!”

I hope that no one validates this silly, little man, and that America remains calm and allows the legal system to play out. That would validate something, but not what Adam was hoping for. A dearth of violence will make Adam sad — very sad. And he’ll probably cry about it.

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