The GOP Has a Lot to Answer for in 2023

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In the waning hours of 2022, it seems like a good time to do a little bit of review before 2023 rolls in. And it seems I’m not the only one on our side turning their attention to Republican Party over the past few days, in a sort of performance review of their efforts.

Many conservatives rightly gave the party pushback a few days ago, when the GOP tried to boast in a tweet that it’s the standard-bearer of “limited government.” This of course came after helping the Democrats pass the monstrosity of a budget, the omnibus bill, in the upper chamber.

My colleague Brandon Morse called out the hypocrisy of that. Meanwhile, Jeff Charles put down his own marker: across several opinion pieces, he laid out why he’s no longer supporting the Republican Party, writing in one piece that “….[a]t this point, [he believes] any right-leaning individual would be fully justified in giving up on the party.” (I encourage you all to read what he wrote, because you’ll learn a lot.) Then, in his piece after the Senate passed the omnibus bill, he described how the Republican leadership in the House was already preparing excuses on why they would do the same thing some Senate Republicans had done:

This is not anything new; the GOP has been hoodwinking its base for decades. They stood atop lofty pedestals preaching the virtues of limited government while helping Democrats turn the state into the leviathan it is today. Every election season, they use our fear of the left taking over the government in an elaborate con job designed to frighten us into granting them power so they can pretend to be working on our behalf.

When will enough be enough?

Good question.

Another sign the GOP, as currently led by Ronna McDaniel at the Republican National Committee (RNC), hasn’t been listening to the grassroots for a while came in a piece I wrote Friday, “RNC Reportedly Ignored Evidence of Fake Voter Registration in CA in 2018 Election.” A member of the grassroots talked about his experience trying to get serious help from the RNC to combat alleged election fraud.

To paraphrase the detailed story (which you can hear and read at the link, above), he was told that conservatives were on their own.

We have just a few hours to go until the clock strikes midnight and we’re living in 2023. But I noticed that it seems whomever’s running the Republican Party’s social media isn’t done with the self-congratulatory messaging for this year:

“We fired Nancy Pelosi this year,” it reads.

Someone might want to check with Pelosi on that. It appears to me that she “fired” herself (she didn’t retire from Congress). Even while doing so, she seemed to hand-pick her successor Hakeem Jeffries in the House to lead the new Democrat minority. If you can give credit to anyone on the right for “firing” the Democrats in the House, it’s someone like Scott Presler. Even on New Year’s Eve, he’s still inspiring people with improving stats on voter registration for Republicans:

God bless him!

Certainly, though he’s not overtly political, Elon Musk’s overhaul of Twitter since taking over control of the social media platform has hurt the machinations of the Democrats and their media allies against us.

Sadly, many of these efforts might be for naught. The Republican Party hasn’t shown they’ll give progressives like Jeffries and his caucus any more trouble in 2023 than they gave Pelosi as Speaker. They just haven’t learned a thing.


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