WATCH: Woman Shares the Trauma of Two Men Walking in on Her in Unisex Changing Room

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome, File)

In a new TikTok video that has gone viral, a young woman, who is obviously shaken up, shares the trauma she just experienced while inside the unisex changing room of a U.K. clothing store. Listen as she describes the two separate incidents of men walking in on her while she was trying on clothes.


At first glance, the video resembles the ones shared by an account like Libs Of TikTok, since it features what appears to be a progressive. She makes sure to signal her support for unisex changing rooms, saying that she’s “really for that, because it makes everyone feel included.” But there’s an important difference here, which you’ll notice as the video goes on. The experience she suffered through was distressing enough that not only did the woman require an escort to her car, but she felt compelled to make a record of it as soon as she got there.


Witness, also, the internal conflict she seems to be struggling with–between what she’s been conditioned to feel about transgender rights, and her very raw and real feelings about the dangers inherent in the store’s policy. Would you be surprised to learn that this isn’t the first issue Primark has had with men intruding on female customers in their changing rooms?

While the U.S. doesn’t have public changing rooms like this, readers are certainly aware of previous stories about the issues involving locker rooms and restrooms.


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