Gutfeld: Media Outlets 'Erased' Party Affiliation of Dem Accused of Murdering NV Journalist

Greg Gutfeld on Fox News' "Gutfeld." Credit: Fox News

Last week, my colleague Brittany Sheehan extensively covered the investigation into the murder of Nevada journalist Jeff German (here, here, here, and here) last Saturday, allegedly by the hand of prominent Las Vegas Democrat politician, Robert Telles, who is now in police custody.


Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld picked up on some media hypocrisy in the coverage of the story in the legacy media. Now, as we wrote in August, in the wake of the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, “Gutfeld” is still blowing away the late-night talk show competition in the ratings. On Friday, he laid out a monologue on what the responsibilities of both public officials and the media are supposed to be, which The Right Scoop caught; Part of that rant included a lengthy segment on the Telles story.

He noticed that media coverage conveniently excluded, or as he put it, “erased” which party Telles belongs to:

Anyway, did you see what happened in Las Vegas? Huge story. A notable investigative journalist….was found stabbed to death. Now, this is the kind of story that enrages journalists. One of their own gets taken out for speaking truth to power.

He’d been actively writing about Vegas corruption and was stabbed to death by someone he pissed off. You know, it sounds like a scene right out of Casino or Kat’s honeymoon. But he helped catch his own killer. The killer’s DNA was found under the victim’s fingernails. So I guess this is what Biden was warning us about. These extreme MAGA types lashing out at our media and our Democratic leaders.

Except it wasn’t an “extreme MAGA type,” as we all know. Gutfeld continued:

So, no wonder the media abandoned the story like it was Ashley Biden’s diary….Now, if you read the headlines or skim the articles, you’d never know, the killer is a Democrat, which I totally understand, because whoever writes the article has to figure that the killer will probably be out of jail in mere months. And we know how the killer feels about journalists who write bad things about him. So really, there’s no need to rub his nose in it over being a Democrat. Just call him an official.


Gutfeld added: “So, they erase the political affiliation like it was a biological woman.”

You can read the full transcript of the monologue, entitled, “The media erased the political affiliation of an accused killer who is a Democratic official,” at Fox News’ site. Better yet, watch the portion about Las Vegas, queued up below:

Sure, it’s something you’ve heard before, but the media isn’t about to stop covering for their political allies in the Democrat Party, so we have to keep exposing their hypocrisy. If you can do it with a little humor from time to time, all the better. We can all use a little laughter right now.


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