Conservative Orgs. Notch a Major Win in Arizona for Election Integrity

At a time when conservatives are still absorbing some depressing news on a ballot initiative out of neighboring California where citizens tried to recall radical leftist dream team member, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, it’s heartening to be able to disseminate news about a stupendous win for election integrity in my state of Arizona.


GOP outside counsel Justin Riemer shared a thread on the Twitters, about the lawsuit by Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE), Honest Elections Project Action, and the Arizona Free Enterprise Club on Friday evening:

RITE details the main components the leftists were trying to push in a  Friday press release:

Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) has secured a major and extraordinary litigation victory over extreme left-wing special interest groups seeking to undermine the safety and security of Arizona’s elections. The victory ensures that a ballot initiative incorporating a liberal wish list of election integrity-destroying measures—including efforts to gut voter ID requirements, enable ballot trafficking, reduce barriers to non-citizen voting, loosen absentee ballot safeguards, and implement same-day registration—will not move forward.

By proving that the initiative’s proponents failed to obtain enough valid signatures, RITE and its allies stopped the radical initiative dead in its tracks. This initiative was not only bad policy, it was also completely reckless.

RITE, along with Honest Elections Project Action and the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, spearheaded the legal fight to invalidate the initiative by litigating the case all the way through the Arizona Supreme Court. RITE’s efforts revealed that well over 200,000 signatures allegedly supporting the petition were defective, often because of fraud and dishonesty during the signature collection process.



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