WATCH: Queen Elizabeth Charms in New 'Tea Party' Video With Paddington Bear

Queen Elizabeth II sits down to tea with an animated "Paddington Bear" in a new video celebrating her 70th year on the British throne. Credit: Twitter

As the Associated Press reported just a day ago, after opening the four days’ worth of events meant to celebrate her 70 years on the British throne Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II was “experiencing ‘some discomfort,’ and would have to sit out the celebrations starting Friday.


Well, I’m thrilled to share there’s now some positive news about that. Despite her recent, frail health, the queen found a way to take part in her Platinum “jubilee” anniversary party after all.

She did that by recording a greeting for the crowd, but this isn’t exactly like the holiday videos you may have seen before. Nope, this video co-stars an animated version of the beloved, fictional storybook character “Paddington Bear.” More on that in a second.

If people remember anything from the 2012 Olympics held in London — I mean, other than the over-produced and “socialism is awesome!”-heavy Opening Ceremonies crafted by director Danny Boyle — it’s this delightful segment. It starred another imaginary character named… Bond, James Bond:


It’s no secret that the British royal family has been rocked by upheaval and controversy in recent years most prominently, by the death of the queen’s husband, Prince Philip, at the age of 99 in April 2021; Prince Andrew’s legal woes involving Jeffrey Epstein  (who most certainly did not kill himself); and what has to be an interminable, on-going heartache for the queen–the strained relationship with grandson Prince Harry since his marriage to wife Meghan.


(A brief aside: I would be remiss in omitting that Meghan never fails to make a delicious target for my colleagues to mock.)

Compounding that heartache, it turns out, is another important milestone the monarch almost missed: this week marks the first time any of Prince Harry’s family members will meet Lilibet Diana Windsor-Mountbatten, the queen’s great-granddaughter, since the baby was born. Lilibet turns one year old Saturday.

But with another delightful clip (this new one is two-minutes-long), Queen Elizabeth makes the whole world forget about all of that with a familiar, mischievous smile.

You gotta hand it to her — even at 96 years old, the queen still knows how to put on a show. May God continue to bless her and her reign.


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