Meghan Markle's Uvalde Appearance Was Another 'All About Me' Moment

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

On Thursday, The Princess of ME, Meghan Markle appeared in Uvalde toting a bouquet of flowers her personal assistant handed her, and proceeded to make Uvalde about her. Sure, she didn’t verbally grandstand like Beto O’Rouke, but the only reason she was in Texas was to make it about Meghan Markle and her massive ego. She was there to place her product on public display. The product is Meghan Markle. She was there to be seen. Markle has no connecting to Texas, let alone Uvalde.


Contrast Markle’s “look at me” appearance with a son of Uvalde, Mathew  McConaughey. My buddy Bob Hoge covered the obvious contrast:

[McConaughey ]belongs there, whereas Meghan Markle did not. In fact, it would have been more notable if he did not come to help console his hometown.

I couldn’t help but note other stories related and unrelated that may foreshadow a deeper rot. In New York City, a woman was battered by a thug on the subway, and people around her did nothing beyond film the disgusting event. In Uvalde, we were told by officials that the cops didn’t engage the murderer because they “might get shot.”

Perhaps the Duchess of Product Placement is the tip of the iceberg of cultural rot. Is “protect and serve” being replaced with “it’s all about me”? I’m hoping, no. I hope the selfishness and incompetence of some public servants exhibited in Uvalde was an aberration. I pray that the Duchess of Product Placement is also an aberration — someone we collectively recoil from rather than admire.


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