Brian Stelter Has a Despicable Take on Tucker Booking of Kyle Rittenhouse's First Interview

AP Photo/Richard Drew

As RedState reported on Friday, after days of anticipation during deliberations, 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse went free, after a Kenosha, Wisconsin, jury found him not guilty of all five charges the prosecutors sought against him.


Much has been written about the legacy media’s complicity in spreading blatantly incorrect, factual errors throughout the trial proceedings, the latest of which you can find here. (see: “AP Leaves Facts on the Cutting Room Floor”)

Then, earlier today, my colleague Mike Miller wrote about Fox News and Tucker Carlson’s major coup of booking the first interview with Kyle Rittenhouse after his acquittal. There’s also an upcoming documentary in the works by Carlson’s team.

But it turns out we’re not the only ones paying attention, at least on that last story. Never to be outdone in his quest to uncover the evil-doings of Fox News, the ever vigilant CNN sleuth Brian Stelter is on the case. He told his (likely meager) cadre of Twitters followers, bright and early this morning:

First of all, there’s nothing at all wrong with Rittenhouse talking to media. This, especially after he’s been unable to speak for himself and defend himself in the court of public opinion as the trial happened. Any good defense lawyer makes sure that’s what happens, of course. And if anyone had reason to want to set the record straight about what happened in Kenosha that night, it’s this young man. Unfortunately, thugs tried to end Rittenhouse’s life — as the saying goes, they messed around and found out. Self-defense is still a right we as Americans have and cherish, and the jury’s ability to confirm that on Friday is such a relief to see.


Does Stelter have any facts to bring forward to show that what “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News, and Rittenhouse did is illegal? It’s doubtful. For all I can see, this looks like a heap of nothingburger shaped with dirty innuendo — and served with a whole carafe of sour grapes.

See, that’s the real problem Stelter has with Fox News’ interview. He’s right. It’s not surprising, but not for the reason Stelter thinks. His network limps along, continuing to scrape the bottom of the barrel, when it comes to the ratings. If my ‘news’ channel missed out on a major ‘get’ like this, you better believe I would be trying to blame anyone but myself.


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