Mayorkas' Promised Report on Texas 'Whipping' Incident Is All Hat and No Cattle

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As we wrote earlier today, the Biden Administration is having a hard time dotting its I’s and crossing its T’s, when it comes to implementing a COVID vaccine mandate on businesses with 100 or more employees, something they assured us was needed immediately to control the Chinese virus across America. So far, it’s just empty promises — written on a piece of paper — somewhere in the West Wing.


The current White House seems to have an ongoing issue in several policy areas with talking tough then not following through. One of the most glaring examples of this recently, of course, was the ill-planned, troops pull-out in Afghanistan.

It’s a policy area where they’ve failed to follow through, as my colleague Nick Arama has related time and again. Even as early as May, President Soft Serve told Americans that no one, especially Americans, would be left behind in the country. But here, as we reported, was Biden spouting the same promise to the interpreters and others who helped us in July — while they continue to be hung out to dry today.

It’s also been a problem when it comes to the Biden Border Crisis, too, as the Washington Examiner wrote in a new piece Saturday about the fake “whipping” controversy involving mounted border patrol agents and illegal aliens at Del Rio, Texas, in the middle of last month that everyone from Joe Biden, who swore that someone “will pay,” to Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas, who promised the matter would be investigated, as the latter put it on Sept. 22, within “a matter of days, not weeks.”

Here’s how that “promise” by the Biden team is going.


The federal investigation into whether mounted Border Patrol agents committed any wrongdoing in mid-September has yet to be concluded despite a vow from the Biden administration that it would be wrapped up in a matter of days.

“The investigation is ongoing. The Department is committed to a thorough, independent, and objective process. We are also committed to transparency and will release the results of the investigation once it is complete,” a Department of Homeland Security spokesman wrote in an email to the Washington Examiner.

But perhaps the most damning sign that these people are, as they say in Texas, “All hat and no cattle,” was what the Border Patrol union said is the status of the report, according to the publication:

Brandon Judd, the president of the Border Patrol union, wrote in a text message that he had not heard anything about the status of the investigation.


That’s not good. Now, why might this keep happening? For one thing, we saw at the end of September that the White House and its media operatives pushing “vaccine mandate” talk only made Biden’s poll numbers worsen. And we’ve definitely seen a lack of interest in the topic of Afghanistan and the debacle that continues to fester there from this president.

As far as this ‘whip’ nothingburger controversy goes, could it be that, once the ‘evil U.S. CBP are racist’ narrative was debunked in due course — and embarrassingly, Mayorkas was forced to watch video of himself praising the border patrol — this was just one more thing they’re going to let slide down the memory-hole? I think that is a safe bet.



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