HIGHER CULTURE: 'Senior Pup Saturday' Gives Us a Good Excuse to Make It 'Furever'

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In your sojourn through a certain social media site today, dear readers, you may have noticed a somewhat fun and floof-centric hashtag was gaining in popularity. (Note: if you’ve had enough of shelter pet stories like this heartfelt one about “Toby” by my colleague Andrew Malcolm, seek out something more suitable in the “Recent Links” area at the bottom of the page. Thanks!)


Yup, it’s #SeniorPupSaturday (thanks to the fun “We Rate Dogs” handle), which has led people from all over to share some truly adorable snapshots of older dogs they have the privilege of sharing their lives with.

Here are just a few of the good dogs:

Hey, Bella!

Maggie is “glad it’s Saturday”!

And here’s Genevieve’s beautiful adoption tale, courtesy of her parents:

Now, in a related story, animal shelters across the country are helping find “furever” homes for aging  dogs and cats by waiving adoption fees in many parts of the nation. Try it out yourself. In just a couple seconds of searching online with the keywords “waive adoption fees” and your location, you will likely find results like these examples:


One Chicago group held a similar event back in April — which makes sense, if you think about the new pup and kitten litters that (pardon the pun) tend to spring up around then. But in all seriousness, they must really be in dire need of help, by offering the special program for adult adoptees.

The “Don’t Forget Me” virtual adoption event began Friday and runs through April 24 by PAWS Chicago, the city’s largest no-kill humane organization, PAWS spokeswoman Julia Poukatch said Tuesday.

While thousands of dogs and cats have found homes through PAWS’ online adoption process, many adult dogs and cats “have been passed over for puppies and kittens, causing them to stay in the shelter much longer,” Poukatch said.

“Many of these pets are searching for an extra special adopter or foster who has the room in their home and heart to welcome an overlooked animal into their family and allow them to blossom,” Poukatch said.

This Tyler, Texas, shelter will give you a break on all adoption fees this month — if you bring in a donation of a fleece blanket to help comfort these deserving creatures, according to KETK.

The Tyler, Texas Animal Control and Shelter will waive adoption fees for the month of August with the donation of fleece blankets.

Those who donate six 50″ by 60″ fleece blankets will have their adoption fees waived.

All the animals will be spayed, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.


In a similar vein, the city of Detroit started working to rehome adults cats and dogs back in the middle of July, with local, no-fee adoption events stretching deep into August. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention these folks mentioned a preview of what’s likely the next poochtastic ‘holiday.’ The weekend of that ends on August 29th celebrates “National Dog Day.”

As my colleague Susie Moore might opine about such a festive occasion, “Giggity!”

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