"Lower Culture With Becca Lower" Podcast, Special Guest: Jon Gabriel

Few people can claim to be cooler than the King of Stuff, Jon Gabriel. But Becca tries her best to keep up in this chat with her fellow Arizonan and the Ricochet editor in chief on the newest “Lower Culture With Becca Lower” episode.

Though the topics this time range from Jon’s recent conversion as an Eastern Orthodox Christian, obscure, indie rock bands, and how he became a coffee connoisseur, it’s always with a sense of fun and lots of laughter.

As usual, Thomas LaDuke is lurking in the background, still hunting down those coveting Reece’s Cups. Meanwhile, he and the guest discuss the finer points of your family hailing from Michigan. But Duke makes sure to remind Jon (or as he’s known on the Twitters, ExJon) about one dramatic meet-up they had. You can be the judge of whether one of them almost killed the other!

Take a listen to the conversation, and feel free add your thoughts in the comments section below!

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